Eclipse Season: A Strange and Challenging Summer

Is it just me, or has this been a strange and challenging summer for everyone?! This summer shook up everything – work, health, relationships – and forced to me look at everything that isn’t working. Did you feel this too?

August: A Time for Taming Fire & Connecting to Joy

Whether the heat is making us batty or we’ve lost our connection to our joy – the energetic prescription is the same: balance the Heart Meridian! Remember the idea of mindfulness – paying attention – and you will begin to find that you can feed yourself with small ongoing doses of pure and honest joy.

That idea of summer being slow, easy and relaxed, sipping iced tea on a front porch – can quickly become a laughable fantasy. Summer is hot, bright, fast, light and expansive. It can be an amazing time for growth and getting things done (or at least getting them started!). But a key step towards personal growth is taking care that we don’t run ourselves dry. So just how do we do this?

Late Spring or Early Summer…?

Whether we’re currently in Late Spring or Early Summer is debatable…but the feeling is the same. It’s this time of utmost life and abundance. Today we explore the idea of physical abundance, but not in the material sense as something that we possess, but in the physical sense as something that we experience. Become contentedly full as you join me on this journey through six senses!

A Springtime Spirit of Abundance

While having money and material abundance isn’t inherently bad, the question is…is it enough? Learn to counteract the “spiritual poverty” we often experience by cultivating a “spirit of abundance.” Let nature’s display of abundance this spring serve as your reminder to tune into all that is good and present in your life.

Things Are Starting to “Spring” Around Here

Coming off the depth and introspection of winter, spring contrasts drastically with its energetic focus on GROWTH, REBIRTH, NEW BEGINNINGS, A FRESH START. We suddenly feel more inspired to bring our creative energy and our goals to fruition, and we are encouraged to detoxify ourselves on all levels. Find out what’s NEW at Moondance this spring + pick up six easy and supportive spring detox tips!

Anxious? Agitated? Oh HELLO Spring!

Before we even SEE spring around us, we start to FEEL spring within us. The what: the return of life! The why: as creatures of this Earth we, too, are affected by it’s cycles and transitions. Learn how to better manage this extra dose of pent-up energy.

Do You Follow YOUR Way or the Right Way?

We can make it far in life on our own, but guides/coaches/mentors open doors for us that we never even knew existed. For me, it was learning that there’s no “right” way in life; there’s only my way – something that my own life coach had to drill into my head! What’s YOUR way?

Have the Courage to Be the Tortoise

At the end of the final road, what do you want to look back and see? Start at the end. Create the vision. Hold that vision. Slow down. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to be on the slow and uncharted path. Don’t be worried that stepping into your destiny is “taking too long.” While the hare always gets ahead, in the end it’s the tortoise that wins the race. 

The Discomfort of Growth (and Why It’s Worth It)

Growing in big ways can be uncomfortable and even exhausting. But we’re reminded that all growth occurs in a container of discomfort – whether we’re at the gym, practicing yin yoga, or navigating the growing pains of personal growth. But it IS worth it, and it DOESN’T have to be a bad time.

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