Things Are Starting to “Spring” Around Here

What’s Blooming at Moondance? So Much NEW!

Heya Everyone! Ya know what? We might be out of the thick of it with this winter stuff so far. It’s also entirely possible that we’ll have a blizzard in two weeks, but either way I’m ok with it.

I’m actually starting to miss the intense quiet and coziness of winter. There, I said it. I kind of like winter. You can judge me now.

But seasonally focused as I am, I love diving into whatever energy the current season is giving us. And spring is all about the NEW!

Thank goodness we’re almost out of the “early spring” phase and moving into “mid-spring” where our energy levels might even out a bit.

My early spring energy/moods/feelings have been ALLL over the place. Can’t figure out if I have too much energy – or am tired as hell.

Oscillating between wanting to pack it all up and quit the biz – and having intense bursts of ideas and motivation. Oh, early spring!

If you missed the last newsletter, you can get all filled in on the details of early spring craziness with a little piece I wrote called Anxious? Agitated? Oh, HELLO Spring!

Coming off the depth and introspection of winter, spring contrasts drastically with its energetic focus on GROWTH, REBIRTH, RENEWAL, NEW BEGINNINGS, A FRESH START. 

We suddenly feel more inspired to bring our creative energy and our goals to fruition.

We are encouraged to detoxify ourselves on all levels:

  • physically releasing tension built up from the winter as well as supporting the liver, our organ of toxin elimination;
  • mentally clearing out the cobwebs and clutter in our mind;
  • emotionally releasing heavy baggage, forgiving, letting things go;
  • energetically opposing the stagnation of winter.

(For more SPRING DETOX TIPS be sure to scroll down and check out the ideas listed there!)

With this energetic preparation for the spring, we find ourselves naturally getting in the spirit to take on new challenges.

Which brings us to…what’s NEW at Moondance? What’s NEW for YOU?


Yes, it’s finally happening! Fueled by spring’s creative energy, the yoga studio is in the works and my goal is to have it functional and ready by May 1st.

The uber-handy hubs has put some beautiful cedar on the walls and I’ve just painted the other walls a lovely soothing green.

MAY is going to be a big month with FREE YIN YOGA CLASSES so you can come & check out the studio.

PLUS a  Special Celebration/Yoga + Tea Workshop in mid-to-late May since it just happens to be Moondance’s 1-Year Anniversary!



Ok, it has come to my attention that some of you don’t love reading long newsletters.

I totally get it – we are way too BUSY and there’s entirely too much NOISE in the world.

I hate adding to the noise and feel like my gift to you could just be being quiet and then you’d have one less person in the world coming at you with something you have to mentally process.

On the other hand, I hope my message can be the anti-noise, something that helps to fortify you against all the noise we have to take in. It’s hard to do that without being part of the noise – ugh. Things I ponder. 

However, my Dad (DAD FOR THE WIN!) came up with a great idea and I know some of you are already excitedly waiting for this to happen!

Starting with the next newsletter, you will have the option to LISTEN to the entire thing just like listening to a podcast.

“Episodes” will generally be about 10 minutes, so you can listen during a short commute, pop in ear buds while cleaning, doing the dishes, going for a walk, during your lunch break, taking a bath, exercising.

So now you can still consume the newsletter and all this anti-noise goodness WHILE doing something else you have to do anyways. It’s kind of perfect, and is my way of saying HEY, you’re important to me and I love finding ways to meet your needs! 

And if it seems weird to listen to me reading my newsletter to you, my business coach Kyle had low expectations and then found himself soothed into some kind of trance (his word)…

So maybe it can become your 10 minute ritual of newsletter consumption + lying on the ground and being lulled into a meditative half-consciousness. Who knows?!

And if you love reading, don’t worry, you’ll still have that option, too! 🙂

So for all of us, here’s to new spring beginnings, fresh starts, and a wholehearted embrace of LIFE. 

What about our 2019: The Year of Understanding JOURNEY?

We’re still on that journey FOR SURE! It’s the journey of life & growth.

With all this talk of spring’s energetic influence, today’s lesson could be…

Lesson #3 Cultivate Awareness.

I like to pay attention to Earth’s natural rhythms and energetic transitions & cycles – the seasons, the moon, the setting sun; just look around you and notice it all. There’s so much wisdom there that we’ve become disconnected from. Wisdom of life and growth; transitions and change.

It’s wisdom that’s calling us home to ourselves. We get pulled in a million directions every day and we feel it – we feel scattered and disjointed and UN-whole. The simple act of reconnecting with nature rewires us, it makes us feel full, and whole, and at home in ourselves; at home in the world.

When the going gets tough on this journey of life – look outside, GO outside, and feel into nature. She will guide you home.

Spring Detox

Keep it Simple, Wholistic, Supportive

A Spring Detox should take into consideration not only our physical bodies, but also our mental, emotional and energetic bodies as well!

It doesn’t have to involve any fancy products or extreme measures – just a few simple shifts to support your body and soul.

1. EAT: start to incorporate more fruits & veggies. Think raw/leafy/crunchy/fresh!

2. DRINK: I love Yogi Tea’s Detox Blends. These blends contain dandelion, which helps support liver health & cleansing + delicious herbs like sarsaparilla and chai spices!

3. MOVE: Take a walk, ride a bike, even get a massage or use a sauna. Oppose stagnation, get the lymph system moving, or sweat it out.

4. BREATHE: Inhale deeply and imagine every cell of your body being flooded with fresh oxygen; exhale deeply and envision clearing out the cobwebs & clutter of the mind.

5. PRACTICE: Yin yoga of course! Choose poses with a focus on the liver meridian to help support our natural processes of detoxification (new to Yin Yoga? Classes starting in May!!) 

6. FORGIVE: Release the baggage, let it go, and unburden the heart.

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