Making Peace with the Present

When you feel powerless to change what is happening, it can be helpful to remember the idea that: it’s not always about changing your life, sometimes it’s about changing the way you experience your life. Here’s to making peace with the present moment and letting the process shake you back alive.

Finding Beauty in Strangeness

I want to keep sharing the tools, mindsets, and practices that can help you during what might feel like a very strange or challenging time. For today…When the big picture of what’s going on in the world becomes overwhelming, practice zooming in to one singular moment of beauty.

A Time for Change, A Time to Heal

In the wake of social distancing and self-quarantining, I’ve been thinking…that perhaps it’s time to venture INSIDE in more ways than one. Never will there be a more perfect or necessary time than now to explore your INNER WORLD. Our outer world may be shut down, but your inner world is wide open for business. What is one brave change you could make inside of yourself spurred on by this challenging and uncomfortable time?

Choosing Love in a Culture of Fear

There is a spiritual and psychological concept that says that all human emotions can be distilled down into two base categories – fear or love. Though we can feel quite powerless during this time of immense worldly fears, it is helpful to know that we always have a choice. The power to feel a certain way is always in our hands. And in this choice lies our true power and freedom. What are you aligned with? The energy of fear? Or love?

Let Nature Be Your Teacher & Intuition Your Guiding Star

I’m back from the dead (of winter)! After a bit of a hiatus I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to and what’s in store for you and Moondance in 2020. Big themes for this year…ALIGN and HEAL. And it all kicks off with the Spring Equinox (or what I like to call “Nature’s New Year”) in mid-March!

Is Adulthood the End of the Holiday Magic?

But what if it doesn’t have to be the end of the magic? What if adulthood isn’t a curse that casts out all feelings of whimsy and wonder? What if there’s a way to still experience the childlike wonder of the holidays even as a – gasp! – mature adult. Learn to slow down and listen to your soul as a path back to the magic of the holiday season.

The Biggest Gifts in the Dreariest Packages

Calendar calendar on the wall, who’s the dreariest of them all? Although November arrives in one pretty ugly package, it comes bearing some vitally important gifts. The barren trees and leaf-speckled lawns remind us of the importance of forgiveness – the practice of letting go. The ever-present cold and gray remind us that even in bleak and challenging situations there always exists a direct path back to joy – through the practice of gratitude.

Do You Staycate? The Lost Art of Doing Less

Last week my husband and I celebrated our seven-year wedding anniversary by going nowhere. We made sure to plan a lot of nothing. We didn’t have to pack anything. And it was everything. The Staycation feels like a lost and forgotten art. Gobbled up by our go-go-go culture, we seem to apply the busyness mentality of “doing” to our vacations, weekends, days off and downtime. Here’s the list we all need instead: 8 Excellent Ways to Do (Almost) Nothing.

September’s Wild Soul…The Wild Soul in YOU

Confused about September’s hot/cold – summer/fall indecisiveness? Turns out, it can be categorized as it’s own separate season w/an agenda all it’s own. Seemingly doing whatever it darn well pleases, September could represent the wild soul that lives inside each and every one of us. The part that doesn’t care if it’s the “right” way to go about life; the part that knows exactly what you need to do to make yourself utterly, joyfully, amazingly happy.

I Used to Hate Meditating. Here’s What Changed for Me.

Does the idea of meditating make you laugh – or scream, or cry, or want to run away? Is it a practice in finding inner peace, or just a practice in pure frustration? For a long time, I felt the same way. Here’s a little about my own journey from hating meditation to understanding how to make it work for me. And if you’ve got a busy mind or a painful body, I think you’ll be able to relate.

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