Anxious? Agitated? Oh HELLO Spring!

Spring Equinox/1st Day of Spring 2019: March 20 

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2019: The Year of Understanding Continues…
Just joining us on this 2019 journey of growth? Here are a few resources to get you all caught up!

1. Ditch the Resolutions and instead set out on a journey to understand yourself.
2. Tool #1: Bring a good map! One based on YOUR unique brain wiring.
3. Growing in big ways might get uncomfortable…but growth is always bred in a container of discomfort. Our Tool #2: Self-care can make the journey a lot less painful and a lot more nurturing.
4. Lesson #1: Channel your inner tortoise by holding your vision for the future and not being afraid of the slow or uncharted path. The hare always gets ahead, but in the end it’s the tortoise that wins the race.
5. Tool #3: Hire a trusted guide! Even the best and most skilled mountain climbers still rely on guides and helpers to assist them on their journey. Don’t get stuck doing things the “right” way; let a guide help you uncover YOUR own unique way. 

Today, we find our way back to our list of lessons (a.k.a best practices for important journeys)! Which brings us to…

Lesson #2: Trust & Allow

In Minnesota we’re hard-pressed to believe this nonsense of spring beginning in mid-March (although I must say, this spring is off to a beautiful start!).

Though the past is the past, we find it hard to completely forget the snowy transgressions of past Aprils and Mays…

And yet, the calendar cares not for us Northerners and here we are on the Official First Day of Spring!

When I lived in Milwaukee a few years ago, I developed spring envy. I remember the first time I saw the magnolia trees – I think I stopped my car and ran out into the streets in wonderment.

I kept waiting for the fallout, but spring just stayed…spring. The tulips bloomed across the land and all returned to life. Amazing. (Though I’m sure you’ve had your past transgressions, too.)

But these wild fluctuations of early spring DO help to remind us that life doesn’t always flow as we think it should.

Our perseverance through the early spring serves as a nice little metaphor for the challenges and unpredictability of life.

And, the more we choose to pay attention to the messages we receive from life, the more we learn its wisdom – in this case, teaching us to move through difficult transitions in life with grace and ease.

We do this every year – so we have to learn something, right?

And then there’s the curious case of the springtime anxiety and agitation.

I would blame this on the dubious nature of a Minnesota spring, except I know that we aren’t the only ones who deal with these uncomfortable emotions that are ushered in this time of year.

Have you felt it, too?

Even before we SEE spring around us, we start to feel spring within us.

We often start to feel an energy or a pressure building up inside of us.

Sometimes that manifests as a feeling of joy…and other times we feel it as anger, or impatience. Or maybe frustration, irritability, jumpiness, depression – any number of uncomfortable and somewhat disconcerting emotions.

THE WHAT: the return of life.

In the earliest rumblings of springtime, plants start to come out of their dormancy, animals begin to awaken from their hibernation.

Notice your pet dog getting more antsy and running circles around the house or yard? Yep, them too.

We feel our potential rising up within us, but also this profound sense of being pent up. (Although maybe we’d feel better if we took after our pets and ran some extra zoomies in the yard).

We’re waking up, but still in our cocoon; it’s not quite time to blossom yet.

If you think – well, that’s just a lot of mixed plant and animal metaphors…don’t forget! We are creatures of this Earth, too, and we, too, are affected by it’s cycles and rhythms and transitions.

And winter into spring is a BIG transition (visually AND energetically).

So it’s normal to feel that sense of pent-up energy this time of year. In fact, the first thing you can do to help ease the uncomfortable feelings is to simply bring a mindful awareness to them.

Name them: ah, yes – early springtime anxiety, I recognize you! That keeps us from doing what our sophisticated minds love to do – create a story around the emotions and get all wrapped up in the drama.

This frees you up from the drama of having to come up with a reason for these emotions.

THE WHY: you’re a creature of Earth and it’s just about time to come back to life!

And the second thing you can do is this: trust. Trust with your heart that these emotions will soon find resolution.

Remember this perfect Zen saying: “Sitting quietly, doing nothing; spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”

Spring doesn’t DO; spring just allows.

Take lots of extra deep breaths. Go run around the yard. Contemplate the questions in the practice section below. Take more deep breaths.

No story, no drama. Don’t feel like you have to FORCE something to happen.

Just stay mindfully aware. Trust. Allow.

Let the early spring remind you that however your journey of growth decides to unfold this year, it is perfect.

I can always find reasons to come back to this favorite Byron Katie quote, and right now it feels very timely:

“Life is simple. Everything happens FOR you, not to you.
Everything happens at exactly the right moment,
neither too soon nor too late.
You don’t have to like it…it’s just easier if you do.”

Happy First Day of Spring!

Wishing you an early spring filled with lightness in your heart, love in your actions, and peace in your mind.

Practice: Gain Clarity

Questions for Winter –> Spring Transition

Take a few moments to contemplate each question – you can do this internally, with a friend, or using a journal to record your thoughts and intentions. Happy contemplating! 

What do I wish to GROW more of in my life?

What do I need to let go of to CREATE SPACE for this?

What WISDOM am I bringing with me from the dark of winter?

What can I CLEAR OUT of my heart or mind that will allow me to become a calmer, more centered person?

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