The Inspiration

Heal the Soul and the body will follow; support the body so the Spirit has room to DANCE.



One day she realized she was tired of playing small.

She decided it was her time to shine.

There is no perfect moment, they’d always told her.

She smiled now and thought: no, THIS is the perfect moment.

I am ready.

She felt a spark in every bone of her body, and a longing in her heart.

So she conjured up her courage and she stepped outside; she began to dance her joy for all the world to see.

She twirled and she glowed and she felt more alive than she ever had before.

She was radiant in that moment, as inner merged with outer.

Bathed by the light of the moon.

-Angela Kittock, 2017

The Vision

Moondance Wellness Coaching is grounded in the belief that there is a better way to experience life; that even amidst the chaos, we each have the power to find our Calm in the center of the storm. That when we allow ourselves to go inward and find that center, we finally meet our true Self. That sometimes it is about changing our lives…and sometimes it’s about changing the way we experience our lives.


I envision…

a world where each and every one of us is encouraged to live authentically from this place of true Self, and in so doing, radiates joy, truth and authenticity outward, allowing every cell of the body, mind, and emotions to align in health.

I believe…

that joy and wellness can be part of my clients’ everyday existence, and that getting there can be the most fascinating journey; that true and lasting health is so much more than just calories in and calories out; it’s the desire to learn about one’s unique self, it’s the joy that can be found when we begin to live in alignment with our Soul’s purpose, it’s the integration of our inner feelings with our outer actions.

I aim…

to utilize the best aspects of personal and spiritual growth and development and the best tools for true and deep healing to help my clients find their path of growth and healing – learning to manage stress, connect to joy, and understand and appreciate their unique selves along the way.

The Symbolism

Check out the Moondance logo and you’ll see a friendly little creature hanging out with the moon. The underappreciated moth holds a lot of meaning and important symbolism for our journey.

A moth, you say? Yep! The gentle moth packs a powerful punch (and happens to be one of my Power Animals). Just like its revered cousin the butterfly, the moth, too, undergoes complete metamorphosis, reminding us that change is inevitable and transformation is possible.

But unlike the butterfly, the moth has a unique skill of finding its way through the darkest of times – reminding us that we, too, have the power to find our way even when the path feels dark. The moth navigates by moonlight, carrying out its nocturnal pollination and creating a beautiful, ethereal, often misunderstood, dance by the light of moon.

Like the determined, intuitive moth, we, too, can choose to follow our light, our joy, our passion, and our truth in this mysterious, beautiful dance of life.

What symbolism do you connect with?

Moon Symbolism: Feminine. Yin. Emotions. Soul. Subconscious. Intentions. Hopes. Dreams. Quiet. Shadow. Cycles. Rhythms. Flow. Manifesting. Introspection. Forgiveness. Gratitude. Release. Surrender. Personal Growth. Change. Evolution. New Beginnings.

Moth Symbolism: Transformation. Metamorphosis. Rebirth. Determination. Perseverance. Vigilance. Intuition. Vulnerability. Subtlety. Higher Awareness. Sensitivity. Perception. Psychic Ability. Clarity. Healing. Exploration. Nurturing. Optimism. Opportunity. Finding Light in Dark. Hearing Spoken & Unspoken Messages. Personal Power.

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