A Wise Wizard Once Said

How do we close out the year we can’t wait to forget? Wizardly advice for a new kind of holiday season… Plus practices and rituals to release 2020 – using the energetic support of the Winter Solstice, the December 29 Full Moon, and the New Year!

Lessons from a Tiny Hippo

Take out your trash, play is healing, be careful what you ask for, surrender to what is… Meet Elanor, the beefy four-legged with some important life lessons to teach us to not only survive 2020 – but to come out better on the other side. Because when we look beneath the surface of our struggles, sometimes there is magic.

Practicing Spiritual Hygiene

These days we so deeply understand physical hygiene to support our health and the health of those around us. We’ve gone to great measures on this front. Masks are becoming more fashionable. Hand sanitizer is at the front of every store. The social distanced air-hug is the new awkward goodbye. We are physical hygiene warriors. But what about the health of our spirit? Are you also practicing your spiritual hygiene? Don’t be ‘that kid.’ Make your hygiene a priority for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you! Here are 9 ways to start caring for the health of your spirit right now (and yes, these can all be practiced at a safe distance!)

Nature Does Not Hurry

…yet everything is accomplished. What has happened to our lives that we move so fast we can’t feel this pace of nature’s divine perfection? That we fill our lives so full to the brim that we can’t accomplish everything and instead end up feeling overworked, overburdened, overwhelmed? We have a love affair with nature because she offers externally what we can’t bring ourselves to create within. On this official first day of fall, the Fall Equinox, what wisdom can we glean from the divine perfection of nature?

Don’t Worry, It’s Just a [WTF] Phase.

Just by being human, sometimes you’re gonna find yourself smack dab in the middle of a wtf phase. It’s been one of those years where every time I start to experience a deep-seated and long-awaited feeling of ‘ahhh everything finally seems ok and I feel at peace in this moment’ then BAM something exceedingly strange happens and I’m thrown back into that ‘extreme wtf phase.’ Here’s to trusting in the process and wholeheartedly embracing the wtf phases of life.

How to Become Wise

So which of these ‘wisdom-producing’ practices has this global pandemic forced you to experience – maybe even appreciate?! Do you find yourself slowing down more lately? Staying grounded in one place? Appreciating your quiet time? Practicing – by force or by choice – the art of surrendering control? Is it possible this global pandemic has the ability to make us all more wise, self-aware, and content human beings?! Probably not. Or does it..??

An Empowering Empathy

2020 is definitely a year of changes, and it can be about starting over in a fresh new way. This can be an exciting time that feels good with the promise of a new world on the horizon. We can learn to break the cycle of disconnection, destruction, and division that tears at our personal and worldly relationships by bypassing ‘otherness’ and tapping into an empowering empathy!

One Healed Relationship at a Time

My husband and I exist in very different experiences of the world as a police officer and a personal growth coach. Truly we don’t always see eye to eye as our world experiences have shaped us so differently. One day a couple months ago, exhausted after a fight and stuck at an impasse, we came up with a manifesto of sorts and we both signed it – here are our 7 Values for Building a Better Relationship. It strikes me now how this is simply good advice for all of us trying to make our way through the world.

Peace and Ease, Baby.

I’m going to bring you in on a little secret: peace and ease are NOT dependent on your external circumstances. You can change the container you’re in and temporarily feel better on the inside; but if your sense of peace and ease is based entirely on external circumstances, you will forever be stuck in the pursuit of happiness. And if you’re tired of the chase…then it’s time to learn to embody a sense of peace and ease that you can carry with you no matter what life throws at you.

One Sacred Act of Rebellion

As we continue to plod our way through this challenging time, perhaps you’re coming to the realization that things will never be exactly the same. I, for one, am ecstatic. A crisis is a call to change and there IS a big change long overdue in our world and in our selves. Here’s One Sacred Act of Rebellion you can take right now to begin to re-balance your soul and literally change the world. I’m serious.

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