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True Healing

True healing is a form of transformation; it’s a move towards personal + spiritual growth. It is more than the absence of symptoms; it’s a state of deep and lasting wholeness affecting body, mind, soul and spirit.

As your Spiritual Life & Wellness Coach I guide you through addressing the psychological, spiritual, emotional, energetic & relational dimensions of healing. I offer deep insights, genuine and heartfelt support, and the accountability you need as you embark on the most exciting journey of your life – answering the questions “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “How can I heal and grow?” –  to create true and lasting change to your happiness and health.

The Process

We dig deep using a combination of growth-based personal development + body-mind-heart-soul-spirit practices to uncover the true authentic Self, reduce stress, and create a clear path towards wholeness, peace, joy, purpose and meaning.

We start by looking at self-understanding and personal growth as the magic keys in this process. They are the starting point to help you break down your roadblocks and barriers to true healing. In all of this, YOU become empowered to be your own best healer, I just guide you to reconnect with that power.

What Results Can I Expect?

Insight + clarity

…around the psychological, spiritual, emotional, energetic & relational aspects of healing/finding wholeness.

A clear path forward

…plus accountability + support as you take each step.

Deep understanding + appreciation

…of your true authentic Self and how to bring that forward into all areas of your life.

A lasting experience of healing

…through a deep sense of wholeness, peace, joy, purpose + meaning.

Look Within. Choose Your Path. Transform.

At every crossroads in life we have the opportunity to begin a new adventure. As children, those Choose Your Own Adventure experiences from our books were vicariously delightful; yet as an adult, reaching a real-life crossroads and choosing a path can be complicated, frustrating, and downright scary. But here you are at a crossroads needing to choose your next step forward.

We can decide that a health or life crisis is just that – a crisis, a frustrating or terrifying interruption to the usual order of life. Or, we can choose to see it as a gateway to a deeper understanding of the self. A catalyst towards personal and spiritual growth. A portal to a richer experience of life.


This is where we have a choice. This is the moment of opportunity. Do we explore these cracks in the facade of our understanding of ourselves and our lives and choose to dig deep in order to reach a richer experience of life?

Or do we shy away from the opportunity, slap some band-aids onto the cracks, and attempt to return to life as we once knew it letting it slip into the past as just another painful memory?

Rumi has said: “the wound is the place where the light enters you.” This is the meaning and this is your moment: Your suffering wasn’t for nothing. It was the bridge that brought you here. It wasn’t the end of your journey, in fact, it was only the beginning.




Jung’s Psychological Personality Types

The alchemical process of creating cognitive wholeness


Based in Carl Jung’s work w/8 cognitive functions, Myers Briggs + the Car Model of Personality type –
Understanding our mental processes, biases, preferences, blind spots; the unique wiring and language of our brain; shifting into alignment with our natural gifts; knowing how to get out of our own way; up-leveling our way of being in the world; alchemically creating cognitive wholeness; learning how to show up as a truer, more authentic version of Self; shedding the many layers of  the false self; understanding those around us as well, gaining insight into our loved ones, partners, family, coworkers
Minimum 2 sessions needed
In person or virtual

Soul Purpose Archetypes

Tapping into the Higher Self to connect with purpose


Based in Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes + expanded archetypes to 60 energies/roles –
Connecting the heart/soul piece; tapping into intuition; what we came here to be; what the soul is longing to express; what we need to shed to get there; how we want to show up in the world; our soul’s highest role; clarity and direction for our life purpose; embodying the energy of our highest and potential Self
Minimum 2 sessions needed
In person or virtual


“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.” –Lao Tzu

“The personality discovery session I completed with Angela was a much needed guided journey into my soul and psyche. It is so much more than a typing session. Angela did help me understand my cognitive type, but in the process of doing so I had multiple moments of that feeling of connecting with my true authentic self. It is absolutely an invaluable experience.” –Lani H.

Shamanic Energy Healing

Scouring the energetic slate clean to release the past


Energetically scouring the slate clean; closing open wounds; releasing the energetic charge of old patterns, wounds, blocks and triggers; creating a clear foundation from which to create new patterns and habits without being rubber-banded back into the old entrenched patterns; connecting to the presence of higher beings, guides, ancestors, the elements and the forces of nature to assist us in spiritual healing; creating a clear path for movement into our highest Self
1 session needed
In person or virtual

Spiritual Life & Wellness Coaching

Accountability & guidance on the path of growth and healing


Accountability and guidance on the path of healing, growth and evolution; changing the way we experience our outer world by discovering our soulful inner world; encouragement to discover and tune into your own powerful source of intuitive guidance in the way it speaks to you; divination through oracle cards to create a spiritual connection and tap into spiritual guidance from your team of support; exploration into the true roots of disease and unease and how it manifests in our bodies, our spirits, and our lives; realignment with the cycles of life and Nature; understanding and embodying the Universal law “As within so without, as above so below;” soulful practices intuitively chosen by you to begin integrating the building blocks of a peaceful, joyful inner AND outer world world – Quiet, Self-Care, Nature, Intuition, Play, Gratitude
Single sessions or packages of 4
Recommended in conjunction with any of the above services
In person or virtual


“Why does one spend one’s life according to conventions that constrict us like a tight costume and that prevent us from reaching the invisible soul, this dancer among the stars.” –Rainer Maria Rilke

“It has been a joy and a growing experience to work with Angela as my coach. Her expertise and experience combine to make her a wise counselor. She offers tons of additional resources and I know she spends a lot of time researching and reflecting on my concerns. The use of personality typing has enlightened me and freed me in many ways. But mostly I appreciate Angela for her quiet humor, quick study, careful listening and deep spirit.” -Laura L.

Life’s Wild Magic – 6-week Package

Enjoy all of the above via a 6-week Life’s Wild Magic package and save!

6-week Life’s Wild Magic Package
2 sessions Personality/Psychological Types
2 sessions Archetypes
1 session Shamanic Energy Healing
1 session Spiritual Life Coaching/integration of all the above
Spiritual life coaching will also be peppered into each of the sessions (start each session with divination via oracle cards, end with practices to work on at home for each of the six weeks)

Additional weeks of spiritual life coaching can be added on if desired.


You don’t know who they will be, the ones who open your eyes to life’s wild magic, but when you find them, it will not be hard to tell.” –StoryPeople

“I have now also completed a 1-month coaching program. I was at rock bottom with my spiritual, mental, and physical health…Angela lovingly picked me up from the proverbial floor, let me cry and be extremely vulnerable during sessions, and expertly guided me closer and closer to my own soul. It felt like she was walking me home. I’ve never felt more mentally and spiritually strong in my life. Instead of going into bouts of daily anxiety, I now find myself repeating my personalized sankalpa from Angela’s yoga nidra recording: ‘I believe in the divine timing of things.’ And I’m still in that calm space a month later.” -Lani H.

Additional Services

Yin Yoga + Mindfulness Meditation

Energetic practices recommended after the deep cleaning of shamanic healing to keep your energetic pipes free and clear; support your entire system from a physical-mental-emotional-energetic-spiritual standpoint; shift your nervous system from a chronic stressed fight-flight-freeze state back into the parasympathetic rest-digest-connect state where the body can access healing; can be incorporated into personal sessions or taken as a virtual class (virtual classroom in a new format coming soon!), occasional/seasonal in-person workshops as well

Holistic Nutrition

Nutrition support peppered in where needed; choosing S.O.U.L. foods (seasonal, organic, unadulterated, local); crowding out the unsupportive with the nourishing; listening to your body, learning what it needs; eating in a state of calm; eating with the seasons; allowing for pleasure, indulgence, fun; examining the roots of food/sugar addictions; incorporating supportive smoothies, beverages, snacks; the world of tea; can be incorporated into spiritual life coaching sessions as desired/needed

Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony

A sensory and meditative experience! Enjoy during seasonal workshops; also available for private groups/events; can be adapted for a virtual audience – contact [email protected] if interested in a private event experience


When there’s a big disappointment we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure.” -Pema Chodron

As I continue to process our session, I’m having many moments that are giving me concrete reasons why I think and do some of the things I do, and how that fits or doesn’t fit with current culture. It’s like giving me permission to be myself without the baggage I was holding on to. I feel like I’m slowly but surely letting go and releasing a lot of built-up or stuck energy. Almost like a balloon slowly leaking air, but I’m rising because I’m not weighed down by it. It’s subtle but kind of mind blowing. It’s super amazing, thank you!” – Jen F.


PLEASE NOTE: As of Jan 2023 I’m currently not accepting new coaching clients while I’m working on writing a book and restructuring services. But I’d still love to hear from you and hear what you’re interested in!

Please fill out this form  to let me know what sort of support you’re looking for, what topics/services you’re interested in, and note if you’d like to be put on a waiting list for future coaching opportunities! 🙂 

*Past clients: email me for availability; old pricing still stands. Thanks!


We live in a culture where dedicating funds to our personal wellbeing is put at the very bottom of the list. I want to encourage you to begin thinking about redesigning your list. What if you put your personal wellbeing – the wellbeing of your heart, soul, body, mind and spirit – at the very TOP of your list?

How would your outer world – your physical health, career, and relationships – transform if you put some extra time into your inner world and allowed that newfound sense of peace and wholeness to trickle out into every other aspect of your life?

Start small, start slow, do what it takes but do start!

Personally and collectively we need this (r)evolution!


Next Steps?

Contact me for a free consult at [email protected] or use the button below to send me a short form with your contact info. It’s a chance for us to meet over Zoom, hear your story and answer all your questions, no strings attached.

I can’t wait to hear from you!  -Angela

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