True Healing

True healing is a form of transformation; it’s a move towards personal + spiritual growth. It is more than the absence of symptoms; it’s a state of deep and lasting wholeness affecting body, mind, and spirit.

As your Personal Growth + Healing Coach I can guide you through addressing the psychological, spiritual, emotional, energetic and relational dimensions of healing. I provide deep insights, genuine and heartfelt support, and the accountability you need as you create true and lasting change to your health and happiness.

The Process

We dig deep using a combination of growth-based personal development + body-mind-heart-soul practices to uncover the true authentic self, reduce stress, and create a clear path towards wholeness, peace + meaning.

We start by looking at self-understanding and personal growth as the magic keys in this process. They are the starting point to help you break down your roadblocks and barriers to true healing.

The Moondance Approach of Transformative Soul Healing:

A unique combination that goes beyond the physical to address the psychological, spiritual, emotional, energetic, and relational dimensions of healing/finding wholeness.

Three-Part Approach:

1. Personality Discovery – Learn the language of your brain that is unique to you! This colors how you see the world and influences all of your decisions. We use this as our map as we move forward always referring back to your unique wiring, so that every step we take is in alignment with your way of being while also skillfully guiding you through your most transformative growth steps. Fully embody your strengths, remove blocks, and integrate your blind spots. Shed the many layers of “not-self” to move forward towards joy, wholeness, and the true authentic self!

2. Coaching Sessions – I offer you fresh insights while guiding you to new perceptions and the voice of your own inner knowing as we take an expanded view of life and navigate our way through spiritual + emotional awakening. Expect a truly holistic approach as we dig down deep to explore the emotional roots of disease and healing, shift our attention inward to meet our inner child and access our intuition, and soar above to reconnect with the wisdom of of nature’s cycles and rhythms that encourage us to slow down, experience true balance in our lives, and feel the interconnectedness of everything.

3. Mind-Body Practices – This is where we shift your nervous system from a chronic stressed fight-or-flight state back into Parasympathetic Rest + Digest mode where the body can access healing. We address your body’s energetic meridian system and work with healing affirmations on the subconscious level. You’ll learn practices to integrate into your everyday life tailored to you. YOU become empowered to be your body’s healer. You are the healer you’ve been waiting for – I just help you to step into your power!

What Results Can I Expect?

Insight + clarity

…around the psychological, spiritual, emotional, energetic & relational aspects of healing/finding wholeness.

A clear path forward

…plus accountability + support as you take each step.

Deep understanding + appreciation

…of your true authentic self and how to bring that forward into all areas of your life.

A lasting experience of healing

…through a deep sense of wholeness, peace + meaning.

Look Within. Find Your Path. Transform.

At every crossroads in life we have the opportunity to begin a new adventure. As children, those Choose Your Own Adventure experiences from our books were vicariously delightful; yet as an adult, reaching a real-life crossroads and choosing a path can be complicated, frustrating, and downright scary. But here you are at a crossroads needing to choose your next step forward.

We can decide that a health or life crisis is just that – a crisis, a frustrating or terrifying interruption to the usual order of life. Or, we can choose to see it as a gateway to a deeper understanding of the self. A catalyst towards personal and spiritual growth. A portal to a richer experience of life.


This is where we have a choice. This is the moment of opportunity. Do we explore these cracks in the facade of our understanding of ourselves and our lives and choose to dig deep in order to reach a richer experience of life?

Or do we shy away from the opportunity, slap some band-aids onto the cracks, and attempt to return to life as we once knew it letting it slip into the past as just another painful memory?

Rumi has said: “the wound is the place where the light enters you.” This is the meaning and this is your moment: Your suffering wasn’t for nothing. It was the bridge that brought you here. It wasn’t the end of your journey, in fact, it was only the beginning.



Do you turn back and attempt to return to the old version of “normal?” Or do you step forward and venture into a new normal, embracing healing and a deep sense of wholeness, peace + meaning?

See Coaching Programs below!

Personality Discovery & Growth Session

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Einstein

  • This is the starting place for all of the coaching programs that I offer – doing it as a standalone session is the perfect way to dip your toes into the waters of personal growth without the long-term commitment of a program.
  • We’ll dig deep into Myers Briggs way beyond the surface descriptions: Learn about the Cognitive Functions as explained by Carl Jung, and about how your brain is uniquely wired to see the world and make decisions.
  • Many people don’t go deep enough with Myers Briggs to get its full benefit, or haven’t actually landed on their true type, as online quizzes aren’t well equipped to take into account all of the nuance that makes us who we are  – I’m here to fix that! I love this stuff and there’s so much amazing knowledge and wisdom to be gained from it.
  • No tests or quizzes. As a Certified Personality Profiler I am trained to interview you and discover your best-fit personality type through our mutual conversation. We never end with a type that doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, we’ll keep digging until we’ve found a type that allows you to finally feel fully seen and understood.

This In-Depth Discovery Includes:

  • 2-sessions of 2-hours each – involving an interview, explanation of your profile, and personalized coaching – plus resources to continue with your self-exploration and growth after the session. $225

A Gateway to the Soul

How do we access something as intangible as the soul?

When we are living out of alignment with our true selves, it can feel like we are broken. But our soul is never broken and this is about finding our way back to that experience of wholeness, moving from ‘false self’ to ‘true self’ to ‘higher and potential self!’

Just like we use a map to point the way towards an experience, we can use our personality type to point us towards an experience of our innate joy and wholeness. It is an *excellent* starting place to begin discovering the depths of who are we.

We’ll use this method of “soul rediscovery” to begin to bring body, mind, heart, and soul back into alignment and into a state of peace where we can access the ability to heal and reclaim our innate wholeness.

Remember that truly understanding yourself is the MOST important tool in any journey of personal growth & healing!

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“The Personality Discovery Session I completed with Angela was a much needed guided journey into my soul and psyche. It is so much more than a typing session. Angela did help me understand my cognitive type, but in the process of doing so I had multiple moments of that feeling of connecting with my true authentic self. It is absolutely an invaluable experience.” –Lani Hanson

1-Month Program – Gain Wisdom & Know Yourself

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.” –Lao Tzu

We spend so much time with ourselves, but it’s amazing how much we really don’t KNOW ourselves. Expect to see benefits not only for yourself, but a ripple effect that expands to everyone around you.

1-Month Program Includes:

  • Intake Session
  • Personality Discovery Session
  • 4-Additional 75-min Coaching Sessions including a combination of coaching + mind-body practices.

Ongoing Support and Accountability

    • Weekly Check-in Worksheet
    • Recommended Resources to support your growth + healing
    • Email Support before + after sessions
    • Discounted Coaching Sessions available after completion of program

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“Angela has helped me discover more about myself. Her in-depth personality assessment and coaching sessions have been the catalyst for change in my life. I uncovered things about my personality and how I make decisions that are life changing. I am forever grateful for her insightful work.” – Erin O.

3-Month Program – Find Your Path & Dance Your Joy

Why does one spend one’s life according to conventions that constrict us like a tight costume and that prevent us from reaching the invisible soul, this dancer among the stars.” –Rainer Maria Rilke

This is a mid-length program that is the perfect option if you’re looking to dig deeper into personal growth and healing, and desire the ongoing support + accountability as you take steps forward. You’ll soon be dancing your way down your own personalized path of healing!

3-Month Program Includes:

  • Intake Session
  • Personality Discovery Session
  • 8-Additional 75-min Coaching Sessions including a combination of coaching + mind-body practices.

Ongoing Support and Accountability

    • Weekly Check-in Worksheet
    • Recommended Resources to support your growth + healing
    • Email Support before + after sessions
    • Discounted Coaching Sessions available after completion of program

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“It has been a joy and a growing experience to work with Angela as my coach. Her expertise and experience combine to make her a wise counselor. She offers tons of additional resources and I know she spends a lot of time researching and reflecting on my concerns. The use of personality typing has enlightened me and freed me in many ways. But mostly I appreciate Angela for her quiet humor, quick study, careful listening and deep spirit.” -Laura Loving

6-Month Program – Metamorphosis:
Transform & Embrace Wholeness

When there’s a big disappointment we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may be just the beginning of a great adventure.” –Pema Chodron

  • This is our longest program that is perfect for major changes with increased accountability & support, and greater depth of understanding.
  • Take six months of your life to change the rest of your life. It will surely be the beginning of a great adventure!
  • Expect healing in the truest sense of the word – transcending your suffering, gaining wholeness and purpose, finding balance, aligning with your soul, growing forward.
  • Experience a true metamorphosis – transforming yourself into an even grander and more spectacular version of yourself all the way from the inside out.

6-Month Program Includes:

  • Intake Session
  • Personality Discovery Session
  • 14-Additional 75-min Coaching Sessions including a combination of coaching + mind-body practices.

Ongoing Support and Accountability

    • Weekly Check-in Worksheet
    • Recommended Resources to support your growth + healing
    • Email Support before + after sessions
    • Discounted Coaching Sessions available after completion of program

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As I continue to process our session, I’m having many moments that are giving me concrete reasons why I think and do some of the things I do, and how that fits or doesn’t fit with current culture. It’s like giving me permission to be myself without the baggage I was holding on to.” -Jen Fieldman

A note on health-related care:
Please know that our work together is not meant to be a substitute for medical care – I, too, still see my doctors and specialists for regular check-ups and have become very grateful for the role that emergency and western care plays in our lives when it is used appropriately. Our coaching plan is perfectly tailored to complement and augment any additional care you are receiving to support you on your healing path.

Program Pricing:

To help offset the costs, I am now offering Coaching on a SLIDING SCALE so it’s more affordable and accessible for all!

I totally understand that investing in a coaching program can feel like a big scary commitment! We live in a culture where dedicating funds to our personal well-being is put at the very bottom of the list.

I want to encourage you to begin thinking about redesigning your list. What if you put your personal well-being at the very TOP of your list?

How would your health, career, and relationships transform if you watched your newfound sense of peace and wholeness trickle down into every other aspect of your life? Would you ever regret that?

I don’t think you would 🙂

Sliding Scale Pricing varies a lot based on individual situations so please contact me to discuss!


Next Steps?

Contact me with your interest + any questions at and/or set up a free Intro Call using the button below where we can have a chance to meet each other via Zoom and address your remaining questions.

I can’t wait to hear from you!  -Angela

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