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Who You Are

You are a Seeker…
Of better health, change, clarity.

You Yearn…
To feel peaceful, fulfilled, vibrantly healthy.

You Can Feel Lost…
In the chaos, the busyness, the feeling that there’s just something missing from life.

You Are Ready For a Change.

Welcome to Moondance Wellness Coaching!

Hi! I’m Angela Kittock. Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach, Yin Yoga + Meditation Teacher, and the Founder of Moondance Wellness Coaching.

The Moondance concept was born out of an intensive seven-year journey with Crohn’s disease. Throughout this journey I became passionate about all things that “feed” and nourish us – not only food itself, but the way we manage our stress, connect to our emotions, embody our purpose, and truly understand and appreciate our unique selves. And I discovered just how essential it is to address the often forgotten cognitive, emotional, energetic, and spiritual dimensions of healing.

A health or life crisis can be just that – a crisis, a frustrating or terrifying interruption to the usual order of life. Or, it can be a gateway to a deeper understanding of the self. A catalyst towards personal and spiritual growth. A portal to a richer experience of life.

I believe there’s a way for each and every one of us to access an infinite healing potential that lies deep within all of us – but our paths to get there are varied and unique. Each path will surely be unpredictable, encourage us to expand our minds, and challenge us to let go of our old beliefs.

But there is no one single path, and each of us is a passenger on our own sacred and individual journeys.

Finding Wholeness – My Story Here

So, are you ready to dig deep and embrace healing?

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Can’t wait to connect!

Angela xox

Why Hire a Coach?

True healing is a form of transformation ; it’s a move towards personal + spiritual growth. It is more than the absence of symptoms; it’s a state of deep and lasting wholeness affecting body, mind, and spirit.

As your Personal Growth + Healing Coach I can guide you through addressing the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and relational dimensions of healing. I provide deep insights, genuine and heartfelt support, and the accountability you need as you create true and lasting change to your health and happiness.

Single sessions + 1, 3, and 6-month programs available online or in-person


A New Way to Approach Health

I believe we spend too much time trying to be versions of ourselves that other people expect us to be.

I believe we each have amazing gifts that on some level we are deeply, profoundly yearning to share with the world.

I believe there are pieces of ourselves that have become so locked down, protected, and lost to the world that there is absolutely no way we could expect to experience vibrant health.

Unless We Change That.

So the question to ask yourself is this: are you ready?

Are you ready to slow down long enough to pause the chaos of life?

Are you ready to stop looking outside yourself for answers and start looking at the wisdom that lives inside each and every one of us?

Are you ready to begin learning who you really are at your core, minus all the expectations, the wounds, the defenses?

At this moment in time, we need people who are willing to dig deep, to discover their greatest strengths, and to shine their brilliant light on the world.

We need people like YOU, people who know there is more to life than this: there is more to life than the daily grind, more than the nine to five, more than just getting by.

Are you surprised that the first step on your path to wildly vibrant health and deeply satisfying happiness isn’t a pill, or a prescription, or even a suggestion to DO anything?

We Are Doing Plenty; We Are Doing Enough.

It’s time to BE enough, to truly feel that deep down inside I AM ENOUGH.

We can keep taking the pills, the potions, and the powders; keep searching for the magic cures, keep funding the biggest studies and the most powerful products. We will find some relief here. But it will never be enough.

We will always be in the pursuit of health, but pursuing health is much different than actually embodying it.

We can keep purchasing the toys and the trips and the treats; keep seeking the perfect place and the perfect job and the perfect relationship. We will find some satisfaction here. But it will never be enough.

We will forever be in the pursuit of happiness, and just like our health, pursuing happiness is much different than truly embodying it.

So, Are You Ready?

The path to true and lasting health and happiness is not for the faint of heart. But if you feel this particular yearning inside of you, you know there is no other option.

You are a fierce warrior, a great explorer, a leader with a vision. You are a gentle soul, a sensitive being, a child that just wants to be heard.

They say the only way is through and you know this to be true. Walls will fall, defenses will fail, distance will not serve you now.

Into the heart of the beast you go, and there is only one way you will emerge the other side: victorious.

Are You Ready? Buck the System and Learn to Slow Down, Wake Up to Your Authentic Self, and Live a Fulfilled Life.


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Clients Say…

I’m having many moments that are giving me concrete reasons why I think and do some of the things I do…It’s like giving me permission to be myself without the baggage I was holding on to.
Jen FieldmanExit Strategy + Transition Coach

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