Late Spring or Early Summer…?

If you ask anyone in the northern hemisphere which season is occurring right now, you’ll likely get the same answer: Summer! (Or maybe construction season…)

And meteorologically speaking, this is true. According to the system devised by meteorologists, summer begins on June 1st and ends on August 31st.

But according to astronomy, the science of the sun/moon/stars and the universe as a whole, summer begins on the Summer Solstice – the day when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky.

The Summer Solstice generally occurs somewhere around June 20-22; this year it falls on this Friday, June 21st! This will be the longest day of the year – meaning the longest period of daylight.

So be sure to get outside and drink it in (or come celebrate with me the following morning Saturday, June 22nd @ 9-11am for our Summer Solstice Meditation + Tea Ceremony!)

So whether we’re currently in Late Spring or Early Summer is debatable…but the feeling is the same. It’s this time of utmost life and abundance.

A few weeks ago we explored the idea of honoring spiritual over physical abundance and the art of knowing how to live.”

Today we explore the idea of physical abundance, but not in the material sense as something that we possess, but in the physical sense as something that we experience.

I wrote the following piece last spring, about ten days before launching Moondance Wellness Coaching. So I’m pulling it up from the archives!

It feels very appropriate as we make our way through this final week of Late Spring before we blast off into the full-on submergence of Official Summer.

THIS is a Journey of Abundance (Through Six Senses)!

Feeling disconnected from the abundance present in your own life? This will leave you contentedly full.

READ: Return to Life & Abundance (A Journey Through Six Senses)

Our outer environment can often affect how we feel on the inside – a messy house can sometimes make us feel more chaotic and strung out.

On the positive side, the abundance present in our environment that surrounds us every spring and summer can help to create that feeling of abundance WITHIN us – if we simply remember to cultivate awareness and tune in to abundance.

“As within, so without; as above, so below; as the universe, so the soul.”

May you touch the abundance that exists around you and discover the abundance that lies within you.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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