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Sit back, relax, and enjoy this audio version of the Preface to the book I published last year: Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing: A Seasonal Journey to Embody the Balance, Peace & Joy that is Your Birthright.

P.S. No elephants were harmed in the making of this book.

During this festive and busy season, take a moment to slow down with me, breathe deeply, and reflect on what’s been going on. Cup of tea and cozy fireside spot optional (but always recommended).

“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.” -Japanese proverb

Long enjoyed as part of Winter Solstice traditions across time and culture, dancing can truly be the soul-healing medicine we need to shift our energy during this darkest time of year.

Whether we choose to celebrate the solstice with lit candles and fires burning all night, we can dance as a way to keep our own inner fire stoked and our inner light alive.

What is your relationship to dancing? What fears, self-consciousness or vulnerability does it bring up?

Explore 11 steps to get you dancing right now – no choreographed steps to follow, and without the crutch of substances – just your heart, your soul and your spirit…and transform your fear into healing, joy, and freedom.

#56 – On Music, Death & Letting Go

“After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” -Dumbledore

What if death wasn’t the terrible, absolute worst-case scenario that we spend our whole lives fearfully trying to avoid?

What if discussing death could actually make us feel better about life?

Autumn is the perfect time for discussing such dark things – the season that ushers in and embraces death in nature’s yearly cycle.

And by the end of this episode, you’ll have 10 useful, bizarre, and meaningful practices (plus a specially curated playlist!) to work with – and make peace with – the elements of death & letting go in your own life.

#55 – The Life-Giving Magic of Play

“A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.” – Roald Dahl

As children, we don’t need to define what playing is – we just go outside, let our imaginations take over, and get weird with it.

But, somewhere along the way, it seems we stop knowing how to get weird with it.

Listen along to re-define play as an adult, create your play to-do list, and re-infuse your life with the driving force of play!

May you unleash your creative side and find JOY in playing once again.

Happy frolicking, romping and merrymaking!

#54 – True Balance from the Inside Out

Within every cell of our bodies, there is both yin and yang energy.

And yin and yang balance each other, support each other, keep each other in check.

But if balance is written into our very cells, then why does it always feel so elusive and impossible to maintain in our lives?!

Just a few days past the Autumn Equinox we are in a state of near-perfect balance of yin and yang energies. And we can use this to our advantage as we finally learn the trick to achieving that illusive sense of balance:

that true balance isn’t an act of rearranging our external world – but of re-balancing our internal scales and filling ourselves with life.

#53 – The Art of Slowing Down Time

Every year as the summer begins to wane, we look back and think, how time flies!

Our most common sayings about time are speaking to our relationship with Father Time – also known as ‘chronos’ time, a Greek word for time.

But unlike us, the Greeks also had a second word for the concept of time: ‘Kairos.’

“In a Kairos moment, the world stops…and it opens.” -Robert Moss, Sidewalk Oracles

If Chronos time is the more masculine/yang aspect of time that maintains order in our lives, it is the more feminine/yin aspect of Kairos time that nourishes the soul.

#52 – The Personality Type of Your Soul

Instead of trying so hard to “be spiritual,” what’s the most spiritual thing you can do?

Be your true authentic self.

I believe your soul chose your personality to help you carry out your life mission here. It’s a tool for you to use – but you have to know how to use the tool.

When we rediscover who we really are at our core and give ourselves permission to live in alignment with that – underneath the conditioning of our wounds, defenses and expectations…we heal our bodies and we change the world.

This week we celebrate the Summer Solstice! It’s a time of celebration, culmination, and basking in the light.

But life isn’t just about thriving in the good times, or feeling joy and gratitude when everything is going our way.

The real secret is knowing HOW to find the sweetness during the hard times, the dark times, the times when things aren’t going the way we would like them to.

With hummingbird as our guide, this is the perfect time to start honing your sweet-seeking radar. Because life is meant to be full of beauty and sweetness! We just have to learn to see it.

#50 – The Joyful Abundance of Your Life

When the world is awash in springtime abundance, but you’re just not feeling it?

It might be a reality check about how you’re living your life, and how out-of-alignment you might be with the messages of your soul.

Learn to connect with your intuition – the inner compass that will keep you forever soul-aligned, plus discover the 8 barriers to trusting your intuition that are tripping you up and keeping you from feeling the joyful abundance of YOUR life.

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