Let Nature Be Your Teacher & Intuition Your Guiding Star

Hey there!

Long time no see, right?

First of all, I hear that some of you have been wondering what in the world happened to me and my regular updates – so thank you! Because it feels good to have people who care about you. And second of all, I’m sorry to leave you hanging for so long!

Yes, the last communication from Moondance was at the end of December via social media where I mentioned I’d be taking a bit of a break from business output mode in order to have some much-needed time to relax, dream, vision, read, nourish, and reconnect with inspiration.

Well, you know how two weeks sometimes turns into…two months? Anyone? I know I’m not the only one that adores quiet time disconnected from the busyness of the world. I mean, you guys are Moondancers! So, you’re either here because you already get that – or you want some of that 😉

So even though things have been real quiet with Moondance on the external front, internally the wheels have been rolling! What’s amazing and perfect is that my quiet disconnected time eventually gave way to a steady stream of inspiration and creativity and I’ve been hard at work under the radar (which is kind of my favorite place to be…) working away to plant the seeds and till the soil of what I hope to be an even better Moondance.

And, as if the Universe was giving me a little pat on the back for daring to go against the constraints of society and actually take care of myself, while I sipped my tea and read a book, two beautiful souls were dropped into my lap as clients – little gifts from the Universe as if to say, “hey, we appreciate you taking the time to do nothing and replenish your soul.”

I like to call these periods of time: “into the cocoon, out inspired and aligned.”

When is the last time you went into the cocoon? For how many hours, days, months, years, or decades have you been pushing forward with no period of disconnection from the outside world?

Well I give you permission to disconnect (but more importantly, can you give yourself permission?) – you deserve some much-needed regeneration!

How creative, inspired, and aligned can we expect ourselves to be if we never take the time to disconnect from the busyness of the outer world, never stop to check in with our innermost needs and desires?

Following the calendar year, January seems like the most unusual time to disconnect – I mean, it’s the freaking NEW YEAR and we gotta take advantage of that energy, right?!

But, following the calendar of nature, January is a perfect time to disconnect because it’s the dead of winter. Winter is nature’s period of dormancy. Not a lot going on in the energetic front… So why have we decided that this should be our most productive time of the year?? 

If we allow nature to be our teacher instead, we find we are guided in perfect cyclical fashion through periods of growth and busyness as well as periods of rest and regeneration.

And…Nature’s New Year is soon upon us! This year’s spring equinox falls on March 19th – this is the day when the periods of daylight and darkness are equal in length. It’s a moment of perfect balance between winter and spring before the scales start to tip towards spring – and the energy of growth and new beginnings this brings us.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let us be sure to take advantage of these last few weeks of winter. This is your time to cocoon! Could you allow yourself a day, a week, a weekend, even a single HOUR to completely disconnect from everything around you – all of the expectations that are placed upon us to do, create, produce, accomplish – and instead take some time to just be?

What can you expect from allowing yourself this time for “not-doing?”

When you give yourself enough time and enough quiet, you give yourself the gift of hearing your intuition. That quiet voice inside of you that knows just exactly what you need, knows exactly how to take care of yourself, knows exactly what lights you up with desire, knows exactly what you’re ready to let go of. We can spend lifetimes looking for this voice outside of ourselves, but we will never find it there.

This year the themes I am most focused on with Moondance (and my own life) are to “ALIGN” and “HEAL.” As we move through this year together, allow me to be your guide – the one that suggests excellent routes to traverse on this most important of journeys and the one that provides the most useful of tools.

But to get the very most out of your journey of life this year, the journey that promises to take you through the lands of growth and healing, I recommend a few other shifts as well.

This year, I suggest you choose nature as your teacher, and your very own intuition as your guiding star.  ***

*Where are you at in your life with this? Are you feeling disconnected from your intuition and the cyclical nature of life?

*Do you perfectly follow all the appropriate “rules of life” trying to be a good person and a good citizen yet still feel overwhelmed, anxious, sick, exhausted?

*Are you, too, craving some much-needed time to relax, dream, vision, read, nourish, and reconnect with inspiration?

*What if you could experience your life in a way that fills you with mental calm, emotional peace, physical ease, and soulful fulfillment?

*And tell me, when’s the last time you practiced “not-doing?”

At Moondance I’m all about making your life feel easier, lighter and more peaceful it’s not always about changing our lives, it’s often about changing the way we experience our lives.

It’s the sort of change that requires us to look at our insides – rather than always measuring our worth by our outsides. The world is a busy place. Sometimes the most radical act of self-care is to just close our eyes and take a deep breath.

See what’s happening with Moondance all throughout 2020!

#1 There’s a NEW 2020 Workshop Series: ALIGN! With Nature’s Sweet Cycles for Deep Rest + Wholeness that I’m super excited about. This is your perfect Level 1 entry-point to embracing the wisdom of nature as a guiding force in your life, and will envelop you in some VERY deep rest via the practice of Yoga Nidra. First workshop is March 21st!

#2 Plus, yin yoga is back! This year I’ve simplified the process by allowing you to commit to a 6-week session – I’m serious, put it in your calendar as a weekly commitment to set it and forget it! I mean, don’t forget to show up…but forget about the stress of trying to figure out *how* to fit it in each week. Commit once and you’re good to go. The perfect way to integrate the practices of peace and healing into your life in an ongoing way. First Yin Yoga & Mindfulness for Deep Peace + Healing session begins March 18th!

#3 And finally, the deep-dive, the only place for individualized attention and personalized accountability, the place where the true transformation takes place – Moondance’s Online Coaching Programs. These programs can be done from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home! I would LOVE to work with you on a program of personal and spiritual growth & healing. Explore Coaching Programs via the above link and/or set up a free call with me to learn more!

I can’t wait to connect or reconnect with you via one of these three ways, and be able to serve you in a way that truly speaks to your soul!

Here’s to a year that brings us a whole lot of not-doing, finding your guiding star…and re-aligning with your soul’s pathway to wholeness, peace, and healing.



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