September’s Wild Soul…The Wild Soul in YOU

Confused about September’s hot/cold – summer/fall indecisiveness? Turns out, it can be categorized as it’s own separate season w/an agenda all it’s own.


Happy Late Summer!

Before we jump into all the juiciness of this wild little season, I want to announce something special. I keep alluding to an upcoming Fall Coaching Special and…IT’S FINALLY HERE!

NEW! Fall Coaching Special
For Both Local + Long-Distance Clients!

Much like this short + sweet season of Late Summer, this is a short + sweet coaching program – a little program with BIG results (focused on your health, career, or relationship).

Be sure to check out the details below!


So perhaps you’ve noticed how unpredictable a Midwest September is: 50 degrees one day, 80 the next.

You unbox the sweaters and squeeze them into your drawers because you can’t put away the shorts just yet, you make a little room in your swimsuit drawer for a couple pairs of wool socks, mittens next to flip-flops, blankets stacked on beach towels…

How is one supposed to KonMari that closet in all this chaos?!

But what if instead of frustratingly fickle, September was just…misunderstood?

This happens to the best of us – there are only so many molds available in a culture, and we’re expected to fit into one of them.

But what if, try as you might, you just can’t seem to fit? What if you finally must break free and be unapologetically, non-conformingly YOU?

Yep, I’m talking about you. I’m talking about me. And I’m also talking about September, the little known 5th season.

Four seasons just wasn’t going to cut it for the likes of September.

September is tired of trying to follow the rules, getting boxed in but never quite fitting, the heavy expectations of what it “should” be doing.

Not quite summer, not yet fall, Chinese 5-element theory snatched it up as it’s own season all together.

This is a short, sweet 4-5 week season starting towards the end of August and lasting until the Fall Equinox – the official first day of fall (which is September 23rd this year!).

September exists wild and free; living according to it’s own rules. To our confusion, delight, or dismay, it pretty much does whatever it damn well feels like each and every day – whatever seems to please it’s soul.

September could represent the wild soul that lives inside each and every one of us. The part that is uniquely you, the part that doesn’t care what anyone thinks, or if it’s the “right” way to go about life.

Sure, we need some of that in our lives so that we don’t exist in utter chaos – but it sure is easy to swing too far in the other direction and get bogged down by all the heaviness of the “shoulds,” the “rules,” the expectations.

This month, let September inspire you to look within, at your own soul deep within, that part of you that is wild and free.

The part that knows exactly what you need to do to make yourself utterly, joyfully, amazingly happy.

The part that wants to scream from the rooftops, THIS IS ME!

Now that you mention it, yes you absolutely should watch that delightfully perfect scene from The Greatest Showman movie:  CLICK HERE to check it out on YouTube!

Turn up your speakers, close your office door, and commence singing at the top of your lungs from the greatest depths of your joyful soul.


NEW! Fall Coaching Special
For Both Local + Long-Distance Clients!

The Fall Jumpstart Intensive : $297!

PLUSSIGN UP BY NOV 30 to receive 1-FREE Additional Coaching or Mind-Body Session to more deeply explore + commit to the path to your goal!

–>Email me at [email protected] to reserve your spot for this 1-on-1 special coaching package – or ask me a question!


You Choose 1 Area to Focus on: Health, Career, or Relationship

  • HEALTH: Uncover more personalized + long-lasting ways to improve upon a physical, mental, or emotional health issue and embody the meaning of true healing. Integrate smarter, more sustainable changes to improve your vibrancy + health.
  • CAREER: Discover more fulfilling ways to apply yourself to a current job situation, or explore your purpose, passion, and strengths to apply to a future job change.
  • RELATIONSHIP: Commit to improving a current relationship by learning how to bring your best self forward, remembering that it only takes 1 person to improve a relationship.

Don’t Be Insane…
Have you every head that saying: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” …?
There’s no use in trying the same old tactics over and over again.
This time, why don’t you approach your health, career, or relationship goals in a whole new way?

Uncover YOUR Unique Formula

You have a unique formula that is specific to YOU for less stress + greater happiness within your life. We will use growth-based personality typology to uncover this unique formula so that you spend less time getting sidetracked by unnecessary stress and more time fully living – and enjoying – your life.

Holistic Body-Mind-Soul Approach

You will experience a holistic body-mind-soul approach to transformational life coaching + gain a deep understanding of yourself and your unique personality.  Through this you will be able to more intelligently reduce stress + we will co-create your clear path towards happiness and wholeness focused on your health, career, or relationship goals.

Package Includes:
  • 3-hour Discovery Session involving 1-on-1 interview + personality explanation
  • 1-FREE Additional Coaching or Mind-Body Session (if signed up by Nov 30th)
  • Pre-Session Questionnaire to help you deeply examine your goal(s)
  • Post-Session Personalized Plan
  • Recommended Resources to support your goal
  • Email Support before + after sessions
  • Options for Continued Coaching Support

It’s the Perfect Time!
Fall is the “Second New Year”

Did you know that fall is often referred to as the “2nd New Year?” It’s the season of back to school, back to work if you’ve been away on summer vacations, and back to self-care. It’s the perfect time for getting back in touch with those goals you might have set at the beginning of the year. It’s also the perfect time for reassessing and setting some brand new goals.

I’m Ready to Commit to Lasting Change  –
That Aligns w/Who I Truly Am at My Core

This isn’t simply about changing yourself; this is about deeply knowing yourself. You won’t be making surface-level changes that work for a few days or weeks or even months. This about working WITH your true self + your natural ways of operating to create smarter, more fulfilling change that stems from the inside out. Changes that last a lifetime.

Long-Distance? No Problem!

Coaching package available to long-distance virtual clients, as well!

The Fall Jumpstart Intensive : $297!
PLUS SIGN UP BY NOV 30 to receive 1-FREE Additional Coaching or Mind-Body Session to more deeply explore + commit to the path to your goal!

But…fall goes pretty quickly around here.

–>Email me at [email protected] to reserve your 1-on-1 spot (or ask a question!) for this Fall Jumpstart Special before the snow flies!

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