The Call of the Soul

Life is too short and also too long to be living in a way that doesn’t make your Soul happy. We tend to think our purpose here is to make money, or make children, or build a business, or make a name for ourselves, or change the world in big systemic ways. But do we consider that it might be our purpose to be JOYFUL? How drastically would we have to alter our lives and our jobs and our aspirations if every day our main goal was to be joyful? Learn to heed the call of your Soul, have the courage to recognize what is no longer serving you, and find joy in new beginnings this spring!

The Weave of the World

“The world is a weave of energy and every human being is a thread on that Great Weave…” -Amantha Murphy, The Way of the Seabhean: An Irish Shamanic Path | The Spring Equinox really marks the beginning of Nature’s New Year, so this is an excellent time for planting seeds of intention; it’s a time to know what we really want! So with the right energetic conditions in place around us, let’s do some tending to our inner conditions – on an energetic level that allows us to get up close and personal with our Soul – so that maybe this spring we can finally get what we really want. Or perhaps instead of getting what we really WANT, we just might get what we need.

Polishing the Soul

Consider for a moment that, like a diamond, you too start out in a ‘less-polished’ state and it is only through the application of extreme pressure, a bit of heat, and the passage of time that your true brightness really begins to shine. But, unlike the diamond, we have the added responsibility of free will and the option to completely get in our own way and stunt the process from completing. Oops. To avoid that, we can choose to be conscious partners to our own process of growth and healing! A process that leads us from a random pile of carbon atoms to a lustrous, fully integrated, shining diamond.

The Sound of Winter

If you peel back the “NEW BEGINNINGS” overlay that we’ve put onto January and pay attention to the energy of the season beneath the expectations, you’ll find that we’re smack dab in the middle of the dead of winter. And winter…is a time for deep rest, restoration, healing, quiet, solitude, stillness. Not exactly New Year resolution energy, eh?! So here’s what we can choose to do at this time of year instead – that still honors new beginnings – but is more in alignment with the energy of this season!

That’s How the Light Gets In

“There is a crack in everything…that’s how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen No matter how much our lives become a whirlwind of chaos or uncertainty, the Winter Solstice arrives every year on schedule in the darkest time of year bringing us a tiny shred of light – imperceptible at first! – to each and every day – bringing us the reminder of HOPE. But may we first wisely use this much needed season of darkness, quietude and restoration to see and begin to repair the cracks in our systems, our relationships, and perhaps most importantly – in ourselves. May we do this in service to a new world infused with the LIGHT of wisdom, hope, and healing.

Taking Back Our Health

Do we truly understand this? In the society we’ve created, with the cultural values we uphold, you being sick/unwell/unhappy makes sense. That’s messed up, right? Who wants to live in a world where being unwell and unhappy is the norm? May we as a society one by one awaken – and dream a bigger dream for our health and happiness.

Life’s Wild Magic

How do you perceive the things in your life? Before judging something in your life as being very very bad, can you leave a little space for the possibility that it is also very good? It’s hard to know how life will unfold when viewed from our zoomed-in vantage point. But trust that when you zoom out and look down below, there is a plan in place.

The End of Caterpillar Land

When a caterpillar enters the chrysalis it becomes a liquid soupy mess before eventually becoming the stunning butterfly or moth. The Chrysalis is a phase in our lives that ushers us into our next Becoming. But we have to allow the time and space for it to occur. Otherwise we remain stuck in Caterpillar Land forever.

Inner Gardening: The Art of Becoming

After the dark of winter (and this past YEAR) comes the rebirth and awakening of spring. Learn the art of Inner Gardening and write your new chapter – to awaken at the deeper level of the SOUL.

What’s Your Elemental Type?

FIRE-AIR-EARTH-WATER: No, it’s not Captain Planet. It’s a Personality Types/Elements of Nature Mashup! So are you a snail, too – burrowing into the deep? Or perhaps instead of burrowing, you tend to swirl, or ignite or stabilize? See if you recognize yourself in the following four descriptions.

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