Angela Kittock

Yin Yoga Practice for Gratitude, Peace & Joy

Before we begin the process of sending out our wishes, dreams, and intentions to the universe, it is vital to first center ourselves in gratitude. Learn the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual benefits of gratitude – then cultivate the feeling of gratitude in your body/mind/soul with a simple yin yoga practice for today and everyday.

New Moon: Time for Clarity & Intention

While the Full Moon gets all the attention, the New Moon is actually a very powerful time for setting intentions. Includes a simple 6-Step Practice for getting clear on what’s most important to you right now so you can start to manifest those wishes, dreams and intentions!

Tea: Yoga for the Soul

Slow down and appreciate what’s really in your cup! Discover the awesome nutritional and stress-reducing benefits of tea, and learn how tea can be a detox for body, mind, and soul with Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony. Then find out where to attend an actual tea ceremony in person!

Explore the ever deeper and subtler layers of spring on a journey through six senses. End with three guided questions for contemplation or journaling to gather the wisdom you’ve gained in winter, and to prepare for the new beginnings of spring. This is the perfect time to plant your seeds of intention!

Perfection: The Myth and the Magic

We all know perfection doesn’t exist…or does it? Learn to decipher between the perfection that drives up our stress levels and the magical (and very real!) perfection that promotes a sense of peace. Includes a Daily Mantra Practice!

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