A Thanksgiving Story

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
-Henri Matisse

My husband left at 1:20pm, much later than he should have in order to make it to work on time.

A few minutes later, he called in a rush: “I forgot my radio – I’m on my way home. Can you get it for me from the record player box?”

I did a round through the entire house – record player box, record player box, record player box. Nope.

He arrived home. I tell him I can’t find the record player box, so he starts making a round through the front of the house while I make a second round through the back.

“I FOUND IT!” The work radio is nestled in the record player box along with a pair of wireless headphones – and a picnic blanket?

The record player isn’t in the record player box at all because it’s packed in a shoebox for winter boots. Clearly.

Isn’t this how you store your things, too??

Oh that’s right. We just moved over this past weekend and:

Shit. Is. Everywhere.

I was starting to feel a little anxious while he was getting ready to leave, realizing that I was stuck here among the piles of chaos with a newsletter to write which normally requires distraction level zero and

– worst of all –

NO TEA in the house at all.

DRAT! I can’t believe there’s no tea in the house. My husband looked at me with a face of: is this an actual concern that humans have..?

He wouldn’t understand – there’s ground coffee and an adorable little coffee pot smiling at him from the counter.

Back alone in the house with my chaos I make a fantastic discovery. OF COURSE THERE’S TEA IN THE HOUSE.

And not just stupid tea. ALL of my fancy teas.

Fancy tea = used for tea tastings and ceremonies. It’s like…looking for your seashell collection and finding diamonds instead! Or something like that.

Obviously I was tickled.

And then in a beautiful series of fortunate events I located a tiny little tea set packed next to a hot water pitcher sitting in a box on the kitchen counter;

I noticed the edge of a wooden tea tray poking out of a bag in the corner;

I found a pot to boil water (which reminds me, I need to buy a new tea kettle…);

and after a few failed attempts that threatened to ruin the whole unfolding plan, I successfully turned on the stove!

So here I am: sitting between boxes, bags, and overturned furniture, in a dark little corner of the living room, looking out over our sea of chaos.

But now feeling quite peaceful:

The winds of chaos may swirl around me, but I can remain calm at the center of the storm.

…with my cozy corner, and my snoring dog – and my cup of fancy tea. 🙂

Wishing you a week of peaceful moments carved from the chaos…

and a heart full of gratitude for the simplest of pleasures and the tiniest of treasures always present in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving from Moondance Wellness Coaching!

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