One Sacred Act of Rebellion

How are you faring? How is your health, how is your soul?


As we continue to plod our way through this challenging time, perhaps you’re coming to the realization that things will never be exactly the same.

I, for one, am ecstatic. 🙌🏽

A crisis is a call to change and there IS a big change long overdue in our world and in our selves.

Continuing to explore the tools, practices & mindsets that can help us through this time, today I present to you The Great Imbalance! And One Sacred Act of Rebellion you can take right now to begin to re-balance your soul and literally change the world.

I’m serious.




Changing the World

As an A+ perfectionist student it was a devastating blow to receive a C at a class in college. The reason? I didn’t participate enough. To the teacher this meant sharing your ideas out loud, constantly. Every introvert has a wound about not “participating” in class enough, I guarantee it. In school we are taught to speak up, speak often, and share whether or not you’ve actually got anything useful to say.

But where are the classes that teach us how to be quiet? How to embrace the sacredness of silence? How to not just hear one another but to deeply listen?

Where are the classes that teach us not only to seek answers outside of ourselves, but to turn inward and connect with our deep well of inner wisdom?

The class that I received a C in? It was called Changing the World. Yes…I went to a liberal arts college.

But what exactly are we changing if we’re asking everyone to keep doing the same things in the same way it’s always been done?

Changing the world means looking around and noticing what’s missing, what isn’t working, where we are deeply off balance.



The Divine Masculine and Feminine

Each and every human has within them two opposing and balancing energies. Psychology touches on this concept with the anima – the unconscious feminine dimension of a male; and the animus – the unconscious masculine dimension of a female. Chinese Medicine and Taoism call these opposing energies Yin and Yang. Spirituality calls them the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

To be clear, this is not related to our identified gender. Every human houses both of these energy types and ideally they exist in balance.

Masculine/Yang energy is hot, bright, fast, and expansive. In our lives and our world this feels like striving, doing, accomplishing, achieving, competing, busyness, action, pushing, controlling, certainty, knowing, and speaking. Unchecked, this can also show up as fear, anger, judgment, separation, domination, and power struggles.

Feminine/Yin energy is cool, dark, slow, and yielding. This manifests in slowness, quiet, receiving, gentleness, love, kindness, emotion, surrender, healing, connection, peace, intuition, spirituality, vulnerability, creativity, compassion, and yes, listening.

Masculine energy alone achieves much, but is empty. Feminine energy alone is rich and complex, but unseen.

Our culture pushes us to revere the masculine to the point that many of us become completely cut off from our feminine energy.



The Missing Piece

I like the way spiritual writer Adam Foley describes masculine energy devoid of its feminine counterpart: “The Masculine without the Feminine stares into empty space, attempting to discover meaning without beauty; He has direction but no purpose.”

Look around at our world: we are a world sorely out of balance as we favor masculine ways of doing, accomplishing, achieving and dominating, and suppress our feminine softness.

Look within yourself: regardless of your identified gender, most of us are sorely out of balance here, too, as we favor our masculine ways of doing and controlling, and suppress our feminine wisdom. But embracing our feminine energy can feel like a coming home.

It starts within us. In order to truly change things in our world, we must learn to embrace the missing feminine energy inside of our own selves.

Begin with a practice of self-awareness:

🌓 When you find yourself pushing forward at all costs, ask yourself: could I surrender to what is, could I embrace a radical trust in the way things are unfolding?

🌓 When you find yourself doing more talking than listening OR struggling to make decisions, ask yourself: could I pause to listen – to more deeply connect with others in this conversation OR to receive the messages from my own inner knowing?

🌓 When you find yourself angry at the world, remind yourself: what do I have to be grateful for in this moment and what is the deeper lesson I am receiving from these challenges?

🌓 When you find yourself feeling competitive with your fellow humans, ask yourself: could I collaborate instead, could I lean in to the belief that there is enough here for everyone including myself?

🌓 When you find yourself valuing your independence and autonomy more than anything else, ask yourself: how could I create connection and a sense of togetherness, is there actually a deep sense of belonging that I am truly craving instead?

🌓 And when you find yourself judging, remind yourself: whatever this is triggering for me, I can practice fierce compassion – towards others as well as towards myself.




Soft But Fierce

Feminine energy is soft, but it is fierce.

Instead of pushing, it flows like a great river. Instead of judging, it practices courageous self-discovery, looking inside for the source of its own internal wounds and triggers. Instead of competing, it fosters connection. Instead of controlling, it trusts in the process, believes the radical idea that everything is unfolding perfectly.

Male and female alike, everyone is being called right now to embrace their yin-side, their Divine Feminine energy.

We live in a fiercely competitive world, an ego-driven world, a world that values logic and rationality above all else. We also live in an unhealthy world, an unhappy world, a world that leaves us seeking meaning but finding only medications.

Masculine energy is an amazing energy that gives us many gifts – but there are also dire consequences when it is left unchecked.



One Sacred Act of Rebellion

Fierce Compassion, Radical Authenticity, Courageous Vulnerability, Empowered Self-Discovery, Sacred Rebellion – these are the gifts of the Divine Feminine when reunited with the Divine Masculine.

Changing the World isn’t always a top-down affair, sometimes it’s a bottom-up revolution that begins with one sacred act of rebellion: the choice to embrace the WHOLE of you, by courageously freeing your suppressed yin-side.

Male or female alike, notice your resistance to embracing this missing part of yourself. And know that your freedom lies in embracing ALL of you. If we can each right now commit to making this change inside of ourselves then – together – we CAN Change the World.

And instead of that lousy C, in my book, you’ll more than earn yourself an A+.

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It’s normally the season that encourages us to get up and go! Shake off the winter dust! And expand into a new chapter! But we are still inside, unable to go most places, and waiting for the dust to settle.

At times I’ve definitely felt challenged to be present with what is – I imagine you’ve felt this too. Spring always gets me itching to plan a vacation to get away, to go bask in the feelings of freedom!

But I am wildly thankful everyday for the tools and practices I have that keep me feeling grounded here, that allow me to shift my experience of my everyday into a place that feels lighter, steeped in meaning, and actually quite free.

To return again to one of my favorite quotes that I shared a couple weeks ago from Yin Yoga Teacher + Author Bernie Clark:

“This is the goal when we hold yin poses in stillness: we awaken to the present moment. We touch what is happening in our body, and in our heart and mind.
We don’t have to go anywhere: right here, right now – this is life.”

So let’s not-go anywhere together!

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WHOLE Health: Body, Mind, Heart, SOUL

Health Empowerment Coach + Psychospiritual Guide 🌙


I finally came to the realization that the feeling of something “killing my soul” wasn’t just a dramatic complaint about a job, or a person, or a world that didn’t seem to get me, but a legitimate message from my higher self that something was wildly out of balance.✨

My eventual path to healing was through seeing, understanding, and embracing my WHOLE self.

I found my way here through the challenges of dealing with a disease that I couldn’t fight, conquer or demolish no matter how hard I tried – all energetically masculine ways of dealing with a perceived enemy.

True healing and transformation began to occur only when I yielded, when I paused to stop and reflect; only when I began to practice the art of deep listening, receiving the messages that this experience was trying to tell me.

I began to heal when I took steps in the direction of reintegrating my Divine Feminine Yin Energy, practicing a fierce self-discovery that takes me deeper and deeper every day into my light, and my shadow; into my hurt parts, and my gifts; into the places that need freeing using the tools and practices that provide healing.



You, too, have gifts you are deeply, profoundly yearning to share with the world.

A crisis is a call to change: what are the messages you are receiving from your higher self right now? Listen deeply.

And then tell me, are you ready to meet and heal your WHOLE self?


Courageous Self-Discovery
Empowered Authenticity
Radical Soul Healing


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