Yin Yoga for Stress-Relief

Experience the slow-down, self-care, release-tension, reduce-stress MAGIC of yin yoga. Join me every Wednesday evening for a whimsical session of intentional self-care to stay balanced, grounded and stress-free. Read more about Yin Yoga below.


1. Purchase your pass(es) below using the drop-down menu: Single Class Pass ($15 per class) or 4-Class Pack ($11 per class) or 8-class Pack ($10 per class) – save money + commit to making it a habit!

2. Select your date(s) from those listed below to reserve a space in that class and list them in the space below.

 **If unsure which date(s) you are planning to attend, write “TBD” and you can email me later at [email protected] to reserve your spot OR sign up for a class last minute/check day-of availability by texting me (Angela) @ 763-227-2837.

For which class date(s)?

Wednesdays September-December

September 4 November 6 NO CLASS
September 11 November 13
September 18 November 20
September 25 November 27
October 2 December 4
October 9 December 11
October 16 December 18
October 23 No Class December 25
October 30
No Class January 1


Class Location:

Moondance Wellness Yoga Studio

1200 Woodbine Lane

Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

(This is a personal residence; come to the front door and the yoga studio is right next to this entrance!).



Feel free to utilize the driveway (especially when it’s raining!) or you can park anywhere on the street (we’re in a cul-de-sac).


What to Bring:

You do NOT need to bring a yoga mat or any props – we’ve got everything you’ll need!

There’s always hot tea to sip on, but feel free to bring some water for yourself if you’d like.

There is also a bathroom/changing room for your use.


Questions? Lost? Last Minute Class Reservation?

Call or Text Angela @ 763-227-2837



Why I Personally Love Yin Yoga…from Instructor Angela Kittock

Yin Yoga is the practice of “quiet power.” Sharing roots with the practices of Chinese Medicine and Taoism, it offers benefits for us physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Requiring no special skills, it asks us to bring our busy minds and our stiff bodies just as we are, to show up and experience the benefits.

For me, this is what I practiced for years when the discomfort and pain of Crohn’s disease prevented me from practicing more vigorous styles. By accident it’s what ended up eradicating years of back pain when nothing else was working.

It’s what I practiced in my hospital room to keep my body limber and my spirits high – and what I still practice after too many days of sitting at a desk.

It’s often what I’m doing when I get my best and clearest ideas – especially when I’m too busy or my mind is too full of static to hear anything clearly. It’s what I consciously practice when I’m pushing too hard to find an answer – because the answer usually reveals itself when we get quiet and still enough to hear it.

It’s what makes my body feel better and my spirits brighter every single time I come back to it. Through teaching the practice I’ve seen students both young and old work through physical aches and ailments, able to use their joints and enjoy their bodies in a whole new way.

I’ve had students tell me the practice helped them during a difficult emotional time, or that it changed their whole outlook on life, or became their weekly “therapy.”

Yin yoga is the only style of yoga I teach now because it’s exactly what we all need more of – physical ease, mental calm, emotional peace, and the practice of slowing down.

– Angela Kittock

**No experience necessary – busy minds & stiff bodies always encouraged to attend!!

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  • Heather Womack September 5, 2019, 3:07 am

    Hi Angela,
    I loved, loved, loved my yin yoga class with you tonight and I’m committed to make this part of my routine! I’ve purchased 4 more classes to enjoy through September. I am sorry I mis-spoke about Saturday. I promised to take a couple of folks from my Dad’s old folks home to the Farmer’s Market. I’ll catch a meditation class with you soon… See you next Wednesday!
    Heather Womack

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