Outdoor Lakeside Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony

Outdoor Lakeside Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony

Sunday, August 11th
9:30-11:30 am
Outdoor Lakeside Tea Ceremony returns for Season 2! Come experience this full sensory immersion in a beautiful lakeside location. Guided meditation under the clouds followed by a Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony + Tasting. Learn how tea can be a detox for both body AND soul.
Slow Down | Breathe Deeply | Relax
Calm the Mind | Reduce Stress | Detox Body & Soul
Learn the Art of Leisure

Plymouth, MN
A beautiful lakeside secret garden location!

*Address will be sent to attendees.

“With the aromas and tastes of the teas along with the birdsongs, gentle waves of the lake, and a jasmine plant wafting through the air, the entire event was intoxicating!”
-Ray, 2018 attendee

“The space where she hosts her tea ceremonies is the loveliest place I have ever seen inside the Twin Cities…!”
-Polly, 2018 attendee




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