#53 – The Art of Slowing Down Time

Every year as the summer begins to wane, we look back and think, how time flies!

Our most common sayings about time are speaking to our relationship with Father Time – also known as ‘chronos’ time, a Greek word for time.

But unlike us, the Greeks also had a second word for the concept of time: ‘Kairos.’

“In a Kairos moment, the world stops…and it opens.” -Robert Moss, Sidewalk Oracles

If Chronos time is the more masculine/yang aspect of time that maintains order in our lives, it is the more feminine/yin aspect of Kairos time that nourishes the soul.

Utilize the current energy of Late Summer – the little known 5th season – to naturally connect to this time of slowing down, returning to the Earth, and welcoming in the Kairos moments in your own life!


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