#21 – The Biggest Gifts in the Dreariest Packages

Calendar calendar on the wall, who’s the dreariest of them all?

Although November arrives in one pretty ugly package, it comes bearing some vitally important gifts.

So no matter what your fall season looks like right now, let’s explore this magic that exists just below the surface.

#20 – Do You Staycate? The Lost Art of Doing Less

The Staycation feels like a lost and forgotten art. Gobbled up by our go-go-go culture, we seem to apply the busyness mentality of “doing” to our vacations, weekends, days off and downtime.

So here’s the list we all need instead: 8 Excellent Ways to Do (Almost) Nothing.

There is something magical about fall: the crispness, the crunchiness, yes – the pumpkin-spice everything-ness. And the colors. OH the colors.

Aside from the ciders and the bonfires and the scarves, there’s something else I’ve always loved about fall. It’s the FEELING of fall.

This is a season that asks us to do what is often the hardest thing to do: Slow Down + Rest.

#18 – September’s Wild Soul…The Wild Soul in YOU

Confused about September’s hot/cold – summer/fall indecisiveness? Turns out, it can be categorized as it’s own separate season w/an agenda all it’s own.

Seeming to do whatever it darn well pleases, September can represent the wild soul that lives inside each and every one of us.

The part that is uniquely you, won’t be boxed in – and knows exactly what you need to do to make yourself utterly, joyfully, amazingly happy.

#17 – I Used to Hate Meditation. Here’s What Changed.

Does the idea of meditating make you laugh – or scream, or cry, or want to run away? Is it a practice in finding inner peace, or just a practice in pure frustration? For a long time, I felt the same way.

This episode is about my own personal journey from hating meditation to understanding how to make it work for me. And if you’ve got a busy mind or a painful body, I think you’ll be able to relate.

#16 – Self-Care for Summer’s End

The end of summer is busy enough; trying to add one more thing to do – even if that thing is self-care – can seem impossible!

A friend once asked me for my one single most important piece of self-care advice. Here’s that, plus four more simple self-care tips – easy enough to implement right now – to wrap up your summer with a much-needed dose of replenishment.

We don’t get to a true experience of our light until we’ve been through the dark.

And from what I’ve been hearing it sounds like this was a summer that acquainted many of us with our darkness.

So, in the spirit of authenticity and confronting the uncomfortable in the name of growth – let’s shed some light on this darkness.

#14 – A Time for Taming Your Fire & Connecting to Joy

August is a time of heat (too much?), joy (too little?), and – the fire element.

And whether the heat is making us batty or we’ve lost our connection to our joy – the energetic prescription is the same: balance the Heart Meridian.

Remember the idea of mindfulness – paying attention – and you will begin to find that you can feed yourself with small ongoing doses of pure and honest joy.

On today’s episode we explore that elusive idea of finding balance in the summertime.

Summer is hot, bright, fast, light and expansive. We get busy out of the gate, and then we just seem to get busier!

But a key step towards personal growth is taking care that we don’t run ourselves dry.

So we ask ourselves: How DO we find balance?

#12 – New Moon Ritual: Time for Clarity & Intention!

While the Full Moon gets all the attention, the New Moon is actually a very powerful time for setting intentions. Instead of waiting for the New Year to roll around, the New Moon gives us a monthly reminder to check in with ourselves and get clear on what it is we really want.

A New Moon symbolizes a new beginning; so take advantage of this time to reinvent yourself and start afresh.

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