#57 – Dancing into the New Year / The Soul-Healing Medicine of Dance

“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.” -Japanese proverb

Long enjoyed as part of Winter Solstice traditions across time and culture, dancing can truly be the soul-healing medicine we need to shift our energy during this darkest time of year.

Whether we choose to celebrate the solstice with lit candles and fires burning all night, we can dance as a way to keep our own inner fire stoked and our inner light alive.

What is your relationship to dancing? What fears, self-consciousness or vulnerability does it bring up?

Explore 11 steps to get you dancing right now – no choreographed steps to follow, and without the crutch of substances –  just your heart, your soul and your spirit…and transform your fear into healing, joy, and freedom.


Move Your Feet (dance-y grooves to make you move!)
A Ray of Sunshine (explore a more diverse array of feels)
(perfect for your next full moon dance sesh)

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