Polly P.

Angela is a seasoned Yoga instructor and it shows as she’s guiding a group into a peaceful/relaxation state. I attended her tea ceremony in the late summer and had a marvelous time sampling the teas. I lived in China 12 years ago and had not tasted an authentic Chinese tea since! Her tea selection is impressive!

Along with the tea, Angela also has an impressive knowledge of teas from her past jobs at tea houses, so she shares information about the teas, and snacks to go along with each tea and answers questions about tea and tea ceremonies too.

The space where she hosts her tea ceremonies is the loveliest place I have ever seen inside the Twin Cities…beautiful flowers and landscape and a gorgeous view of the lake. I’d highly recommend checking out a tea ceremony and if you’re looking for personal coaching, go to Angela! She’s wonderful and has been my friend for years and is an amazing listener and has a great sense of humor!

Polly P.Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony Workshop
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