Lani H.

The personality discovery session I completed with Angela was a much needed guided journey into my soul and psyche. It is so much more than a typing session. Angela did help me understand my cognitive type, but in the process of doing so I had multiple moments of that feeling of connecting with my true authentic self. It is absolutely an invaluable experience.

I have since immersed myself in Angela’s offerings. I’ve done yin yoga and multiple gongfu tea ceremonies where I’ve solidified my self care and self love practices just a little more with each experience. Throughout my life I’ve had myriad experiences with meditation centers, yoga studios and retreats, herbal medicine, ceremonial work, but there is something special about the Moondance offerings where it just sticks a little better.

I have now also completed a 1-month coaching program. I was at rock bottom with my spiritual, mental, and physical health having just completed a rigorous grad program and having done that while battling Lyme disease + co-infections, mycotoxicosis, and Hashimotos disease. Angela lovingly picked me up from the proverbial floor, let me cry and be extremely vulnerable during sessions, and expertly guided me closer and closer to my own soul. It felt like she was walking me home.

I’ve never felt more mentally and spiritually strong in my life. Instead of going into bouts of daily anxiety, I now find myself repeating my personalized sankalpa from Angela’s yoga nidra recording: ‘I believe in the divine timing of things.’ And I’m still in that calm space a month later.

Lani H.Personality/Psychological Types & Spiritual Life Coaching
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