Jill L.

Angela helped me understand, reflect and experience a deeper introduction into knowing and caring for myself. As a healthcare provider and mom/wife, I wanted and understood this to be important for others, but wasn’t sure how to navigate or nurture for my own journey.  Through personality typing, soul purpose archetypes sessions and life coaching I now have tools, a direction and permission to care for myself.

Moondance is no doubt a labor of love combined with expertise, learnings and experiences that Angela now so graciously and compassionately shares with others.  Angela’s sessions are filled with a calm, supportive and reassuring validation that healing, growth and an ease in our days are possible and in doing so we likely find deeper engagement with all relationships.

Jill L.Life's Wild Magic Package - Personality/Psychological Types, Soul Purpose Archetypes, Yoga Nidra & Spiritual Life Coaching
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