Alexandra A.

I’ve been a client of Angela’s coaching practice for years, over time exploring more deeply how I live my life from day to day and how I can find more fulfillment and be authentically me.

What started with a meditative tea ceremony or two led me to try and appreciate her slow and mindful yin yoga sessions, which led me down the introspective path of her personality profiling series and ultimately landed me in a shamanic healing session where I experienced what I can only describe as a spiritual refresh. Angela has helped me discover and explore essential parts of my mind, personality, and spirit that help me better understand myself today and how I want to exist in the world.

One session that really had an impact on me was when Angela walked me through an exercise on personality archetypes. It blew my mind how the archetype cards we ended up with felt so representative of me – what things make up core bits of who I am, what I recognize I want to be less of, and what I want to be more of or start to be. It was a very different way for me to think about who I am and who I want to be. It was a really meaningful exercise.

Alexandra A.Personality/Psychological Types, Soul Purpose Archetypes, Shamanic Energy Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching
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