Soul Circle – starting March 19!

Hello friends!

Last year I sent out a survey attached to a handful of these newsletters hoping to gain some intel into how to best serve the splendid folks that hang around these Moondance newsletter parts. Yes, YOU.

On this form there was a clear interest in group opportunities and group coaching. I think we’re all feeling that need to connect in deeper ways that are not being served by social media or our overly busy yang culture.

In a post-covid world I think we’re also really discovering to what extent we need human interaction. Trust me, I loved elements of lockdown, but even this highly sensitive introvert reached a point of: no more floating virtual heads, I need human bodies.

For me though, it’s not about the quantity of interactions with others, it’s definitely about the quality. As you are someone who hangs around this newsletter and also seems to enjoy pondering deep thoughts, I’m guessing you might feel the same way.

So how do we meet our need to be part of a group, part of a community, while also nourishing our deeper desire for quality interactions infused with depth and meaning?

Enter the small group. Or, as I’m calling it right now, the Soul Circle.

I’m in the process of gathering a small group of individuals (max of 6) who are feeling the call to create the next chapter of life in a very intentional way. 

Based on feedback this is going to be happening as a hybrid of virtual + in-person gatherings!

And I’m looking for folks who are ready to begin this process with the arrival of the Spring Equinox on March 19.

I’m excited about the small-group element. As an introvert I personally don’t thrive in large groups, yet still feel drawn to wanting to be part of a group.

We recently started sending one of our pups to doggie daycare and were told that an issue to overcome is that she really shines in a small group, but seems timid in a large group. Well yeah, me too! And at 40 I don’t see this aspect of my innate wiring changing, nor do I think it needs to.

So let’s celebrate ourselves as introverts or highly sensitives or empaths, and create a space where everyone can shine, because we all deserve to!

And, if you’ve been feeling the crazy and intense scattered energy of Jan, Feb and into March this year, you are not alone! If it’s felt nearly impossible to gain any sense of clarity around “what’s next,” let alone put forth and execute a plan, I hear you.

We try to conjure up all this “new year” energy in January – in the dead of winter – but the energy is all wrong, and we find ourselves working against the natural flow.

But do not despair, because spring is just around the corner and is a much more natural time of year to begin our next chapter as the energy shifts. It’s Nature’s New Year!

This means it’s the perfect time to start planning out and envisioning your next chapter, in a more intentional way. While January and February are the perfect time for dreaming, visioning, resting and rejuvenating – March is the perfect time for planting our seeds of intention.

So let’s work (and play) together to craft your next chapter in a way that nourishes your soul and allows you to blossom into the fullest expression of the unique and needed beauty that is YOU.

Whatever has been swirling around your head and heart so far this year, bring it to this group and use it as the fuel to create your next soulfully-aligned chapter.


✨Soul Circle✨

small group coaching + intuitive guidance (max of 6)
Create the Life that Makes Your Soul Happy

When: March/April/May – Kicks off on the Spring Equinox – Tuesday, March 19!

Where: Virtual + In-person hybrid

What You’ll Get:

Intuitive guidance – from me, from the insights gained listening to and learning from other’s experiences, and perhaps most importantly, from your own deepening intuitive connection as you learn to trust and rest into this wise inner guidance system.

Deep connection – with your true soul self, plus guidance and support in bringing this wisest, fullest version of you into all aspects of your soulful existence. Plus, deep connection with other kindred spirits who value depth, meaning, healing and growth.

Group accountability + collective support – sometimes all we need is the presence of accountability to kick us into action or keep us aligned with our path. It’s one thing to be accountable to ourselves, and another thing all together to know that someone else is in your corner cheering you on, to know that you’re not all alone when things feel overwhelming, that you have a trusted shoulder to cry on as well as a hand to high five when you need to celebrate the wins! We’re all pretty much struggling with the same core things when we get down to it – wanting to feel that our life has meaning and purpose, desiring fulfilling relationships that nourish rather than drain, and trying to create the health and vitality to be able to enjoy our lives every day. It feels so good to be seen and understood and validated in these struggles, to know that you are not alone.

Individual accountability + personalized support – in addition to the group sessions, you’ll be able to email me anytime during the three months for extra personalized support and guidance. Plus, you get exclusive access to setting up optional 1-on-1 coaching/soul guidance/energy healing sessions for extra support around any particular issue, if you so desire (1-on-1 sessions will not be available to the general public right now and reserved as a deepening add-on for those involved in a group program).

Nourishing community + FUN – we’re all craving some genuine sense of community right now. In a post-covid, social-media-infused world, our souls are starved for the kinds of human connection we used to naturally enjoy on a regular basis. Being with other humans, especially those kindreds who get us on a soul level, can just be good plain FUN.

What We’ll Do:

The Soul Circle will likely include a combination of guided practices and embodiment exercises to fully inhabit the principles we’re discussing + deep conversation and soulful sharing.

There are a lot of practices and tools we can choose from, and some of this will be based on the needs of the group and decided as we go. We will use the book Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing: A Seasonal Journey to Embody the Balance, Peace & Joy that is Your Birthright as a guide and starting point, and we will take things deeper and broader as needed.

In addition to soulful sharing + deep convo, practices may include:

  • Guided visualization
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Breathwork
  • Yin yoga
  • Yoga nidra and creating a personalized sankalpa
  • Personal mantras
  • Oracle cards
  • Intuitive exercises
  • Full moon releasing ritual
  • Tea ceremony
  • Dancing or drumming

What to Ask Yourself:

  • Am I ready for a change in my health, relationships, purpose – but unsure where to start?
  • Am I feeling scattered – and can’t seem to create a clear vision?
  • Am I ready for next steps whatever they may be – but unclear where to direct energy? To which things? And why? What to prioritize?
  • Am I great at helping others – but struggle to prioritize myself or feel that same sense of clarity on my own next steps?
  • Am I feeling wiped out – like maybe I don’t even have the energy needed to make these changes…yet I know if I don’t make these changes, they will continue to leave me feeling wiped out in a vicious cycle?

Ack! Where to begin?!

What You’ll Gain:

  • Clear vision for this next empowering chapter of your life.
  • Next steps + support in moving from planning to action.
  • Accountability and guidance both individually + collectively.
  • Learning to access and trust your inner wisdom + personal guidance system.
  • Discovering + grounding into your unique style of intuition.
  • Looking inward for the answers your soul already contains.
  • Aligning more deeply with nature’s rhythms and cycles to discover your own sense of ebb and flow – using these energetic cycles to your advantage to allow things to unfold with ease instead of pushing and fighting to make things happen.
  • Embodying a deeper and more sustainable sense of balance in your life.

What kind of change would this help me make?

If you’ve picked up a copy of the book I created last year, Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing, you’ll know that one of the biggest principles is this: sometimes it’s not about changing your life, sometimes it’s about changing the way you experience your life.

So our focus always begins with the inner work, the inner transformation. But the point of this, is that the inner change naturally seeps out into our outer world with much less force than the other way around.

By starting with the inner, we can discover in the outer:

  • More purposeful and fulfilling work.
  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships of all kinds.
  • The root causes of dis-ease.
  • More supportive habits, rituals and soul-nourishing practices to support our energy levels and overall health and vitality.

Heck yes?

If after absorbing all this you’re feeling a HECK YES, hit reply and let me know that you’re in!

Be sure to check out all of the important logistics and FAQs below.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

-Anais Nin



I’m so excited that this Soul Circle group coaching + intuitive guidance opportunity deeply resonated with a handful of you! We’ve filled 4 of our six spots with folks from the Waiting List, which means we still have 2 spots open for anyone that’s feeling that soulful call!

I can tell it’s going to be a really cool group with a lot of synergy and I cannot wait for you all to meet each other.

Will this Soul Circle Happen Virtually or In-Person?

This will be a hybrid of virtual + in-person. The overwhelming majority of those who responded as interested in this Soul Circle group coaching are actually located locally, around the Twin Cities area! I was surprised because there was quite a split between local and non-local folks who expressed an interested in offerings in general. But I’m going to take this as a sign that this particular offering is meant to be a local offering right now!

We can focus on embodying the practices of the book Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing and really bringing these ideas from the level of the mind to the level of the body and soul – and ALSO we get to spend embodied time with each other. To be bodies together in a space instead of exclusively the floating heads we have become with our pandemic and post-pandemic lives on Zoom!

So many times I leave an amazing training or retreat where I’ve forged deep and soulful connections, only to never see these humans again because we all live in different places. What an amazing opportunity to create deep and soulful connections with fantastic kindreds who live right here in your own city! I’m going to trust the divine orchestration that it’s meant to work out this way right now. Thank you universe!

But What if I Don’t Live in the Twin Cities/MN area?

Let me know if you’d like to see something like this offered as an exclusively virtual option – I am always excited to find the intersections between what people actually want and what feels exciting to create. If there’s ever anything you wished I was offering but don’t see, tell me! It’s a co-creation, your voice matters.

What are the Dates + Times of this Soul Circle?

We will meet approximately 2x/month for the Spring season, generally once per month virtually + once per month in-person. As many of you have daytime jobs, we will meet in the evenings and weekends.

We will kick things off on the official Spring Equinox on Tuesday, March 19th! This will be a virtual session @ 6-8pm.

The rest of the dates + times are as follows (6 meetings total):

Tuesday Evenings: [Will be generally VIRTUAL]
Tuesday, March 19 @ 6-8pm [Spring Equinox – Kickoff]
Tuesday, April 23 @ 6-8pm [Full Moon]
Tuesday, May 21 @ 6-8pm

Saturday Afternoons: [Will be generally IN-PERSON]
Saturday, April 6 @ 3-6pm
Saturday, May 4 @ 3-6pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 3-6pm

Please plan to attend ALL of the above dates.

[There is *some* flexibility to these times in order to accommodate the needs of the group once we have the group set. So do let me know if there’s a particular date or time that you absolutely won’t be able to make.]

What is the Monetary Investment in this Soul Circle?

Cost of the 3-month group coaching including 6 group meetings/15 hours total contact time:

$675 or $225/month for three months (you let me know your preference).

PLUS: Unlimited email support outside of the scheduled sessions.

**In the past when I offered coaching as a 1-on-1 package, a 3-month individual program was $1,997 – so another cool thing about group coaching is that you get to share the cost with the group! So it helps to keep things more affordable, which we all love.

In the future if I offer a program like this again, it is quite likely the cost will be more as I always end up putting in lots of extra time for the things that I do! You can count on me for quality and care, that’s always for sure. But this is the first time I’m offering this particular program so I want to keep the cost manageable, and we can all grow as we go!

What is the Energetic + Time Investment in this Soul Circle?

The primary commitment will be the time that we have scheduled together – so you’ll want to really carve that out as quiet focused time, even when it’s a virtual session and you’re at home with all your usual distractions. Close the door and tell your loved ones that those two hours once a month are YOU time in order to fill your cup. The 3-hour sessions away from home will be easy to remove distractions because you get to be in my beautiful cozy space with your Soul Circle crew! But it’s important to be there for the whole 3 hours so make sure you carve that out. The time will fly by, trust me. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me, OMG where did the time go? When we enter that deep space we exit Chronos time and enter the numinous Kairos time where time and space almost cease to exist.

Outside of the scheduled sessions there may be some “homework” or “playwork” or “soul-care-work” or “go-outside-and-be-in-nature-work” or “practice-quiet-work” or “listen-to-your-intuition-work” – or whatever makes sense for you and your specific soulful needs and the goals you set for this Spring season! But it most likely won’t be incredibly time consuming, it’s usually something you can mull on in the background, or develop a new awareness around, or create a new habit or ritual around.

The only other expectation is that you’ll read one chapter per month from the book Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing – the March chapter in March, the April chapter in April and the May chapter in May. You get it. We will use these concepts as a starting ground for our conversations and deepen and broaden as needed.

Are there any Pre-Reqs for this Soul Circle?

Nothing required but I DO highly recommend doing a Higher Self Personality Discovery Session before or during the Soul Circle. Anyone who has done 1-on-1 coaching with me in the past has already done this, so you’re all set! If you’re new to coaching with me, you’ll discover that it’s a big (and fun) tool that I use in order to highly personalize everything to YOU. You’ll be fine without doing it, but I’m sure this will naturally come up in our group discussions and I think you’re going to want to get in on it!

**See the July chapter in my book Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing for an intro to this tool.

You can schedule this with me before we kickoff the Soul Circle or at any point during the course of the Spring season. It’s a 3-hour session (often done as two shorter sessions) involving a deep-dive interview followed by verification + explanation.

These 3-hour+ sessions that are a total deep dive into YOU will be $300 going forward, but as a benefit of being part of the Soul Circle you can schedule this for $225 between now and June 1. Don’t feel rushed or pressured to get it done now (or at all) if it doesn’t feel exciting currently – I’d recommend waiting until it feels relevant and like something you really desire to learn more about as that is when you’ll get the most out of it!

Are there any Additional/Optional Add-Ons to the Soul Circle?

In addition to the optional Higher Self Personality Discovery session as described above, you will also have the optional opportunity to schedule other 1-on-1 sessions with me, as needed or desired. 1-on-1 sessions will not be available to the general public right now, and instead will be reserved for anyone involved in a group program.

These optional add-ons include:

1-on-1 Shamanic Energy Healing (deep cleansing of the energetic slate + healing on many levels + intuitive guidance)

1-on-1 Soul Guidance Private Coaching (extra support outside of the group if desired)

Some people have expressed an interest in both energy healing and 1-on-1 coaching so I want these to be available as needed. Energy healing will be a nice complement to the Spring cleaning work of April but it’s definitely not required. As a general rule, we will trust our intuition as we go along to know what is right for us. I’ll share further scheduling and pricing details with those in the Soul Circle in the near future.

Any questions not answered here?
Email [email protected] and let me know how I can help!

Next Steps

If this piques your interest, email me and let me know!

Just a reminder that I’m keeping this group small on purpose (max of 6) so that we can foster deeper connections and more meaningful conversations. And we BEGIN ON MARCH 19, so we can kick things off on the Spring Equinox! So if you want in, let me know soon!

An intuitive exercise…

If you’re trying to determine, am I making this decision based on FOMO (fear of missing out) or because it’s truly right for me? Try this: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine you’re holding this opportunity in your hands.

Does it feel heavy or light? If it feels light and expansive, perhaps that’s your answer – the soul offering us the path of least resistance and a way forward.

If it feels heavy and constricting, ask yourself why? If it’s a block like fear of change, ask yourself if pushing through that fear would be worth it? If it feels heavy for a more rational reason, like an overloaded schedule, ask yourself if there’s anything you could let go of that would help to make the space for this?

And if it still feels heavy despite your best investigations, know it’s ok to trust in divine timing! And maybe it’s not right for a reason you can’t comprehend right now.

And if this entire exercise was overwhelming, come join the program to create a deeper and more trustworthy connection to your inner guidance!

Feel free to email me with any additional comments or questions not addressed above, I love questions and thoughts.

Time to nourish your body and spirit + create a life that makes your soul happy! Let’s do this.

Email [email protected] to register! [Or get on the waiting list for the next one if this date has passed]


Ask your local bookstore to carry the book! OR find it anywhere books are sold online.

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