Early Spring Got You Feeling Like…

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Spring. A time of dazzling beauty, unfolding potential, and abundance all around us, right? Err maybe not so much. At least not right now in the earliest moments of springtime.

More likely, you’re feeling intensely scattered, occasionally full of energy that you’re not quite sure where to direct interspersed with wanting to sleep all day or curl up into a ball and do nothing, and possibly a bit anxious, agitated, or frustrated about life.

Now we’re talking early spring!

Not the most thrilling picture, but one that might feel a bit more accurate.

Next week is the Spring Equinox on Tuesday March 19th, the official first day of spring. Living in Minnesota I’ve never been a real big fan of spring. Though it might sound absurd, here in this state we just manage to make it the most disappointing season ever. Typically it’s just winter and then one day we wake up and it’s summer.

This year has been quite a bit different as our notorious winter never really hit…it’s just been one everlasting fall/spring season. I years ago shelved my expectations for glorious Minnesota springs – as that makes it much less disappointing and much easier to meet expectations – but I don’t know…maybe this year spring will be different. One can hope, right?

Regardless of what YOUR spring season tends to look like, we all deal with the same energetic cycles of the seasons. And this point in our seasonal cycle is all about the bud.

Think of a tiny bud popping out the side of a tree branch. Just a little speck of green that gives us notice that something big, something new, is around the corner. Think of a flower before it opens, that fat bud that sits still and patiently, waiting for the right moment to blossom. Or think even of the seed in the ground underneath the soil, the seed that we can’t even see at all but know is there, full of potential.

That’s early spring. Just as energy returns to nature, so too does energy return to us. Just as nature is near-to-bursting with potential of what is to come, so too do we sometimes feel like we’ll burst open if we can’t figure our where to direct all this energy.

Sometimes the energy we feel is physical, sometimes it is mental or emotional. So we end up feeling scattered, full of new ideas that we can’t seem to make happen right now. Making too many plans, full of energy in the moment that then wanes and we over-extend and exhaust ourselves. We get frustrated that nothing is unfolding in our lives the way we want it to, because we know, we feel, that it is meant to, but why isn’t it happening now?

Because cycles. Because we, too, are a part of nature, although we often forget.

But this is good news. It means we haven’t done anything wrong, we’re not failing at all our goals, our life isn’t permanently stuck (maybe just feeling a little stagnant), and there is hope just around the corner.

So in this early spring season, be gentle on yourself. Celebrate that return of energy, but don’t worry that things still feel a little scattered, slow or sludgy. New life is coming, I promise.

If you’re looking for an excellent place to direct your energy right now, I recommend picking up a copy of the book I created last year, Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing: A Seasonal Journey to Embody the Balance, Peace & Joy that is Your Birthright, and turning to the March chapter.

You’ll find the March chapter right at the front of the book, after the Preface and Introduction! That’s because the book officially begins with the spring season, following the cycles of nature instead of following our human-made calendar. So instead of kicking off the year in January in the dead of winter, we do it now, with the Spring Equinox. It’s Nature’s New Year!

Whew! And you were starting to worry about all those January resolutions that you set and immediately kicked to the curb? Forget about them. Or gently pick them back up now and brush them off. This is a much better time of year to attend to your intentions, dreams and goals supported by the Spring energy around us.

The March Practice in the book Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing asks us to do some “Inner Gardening” – a bit of planning inside of ourselves in the same way we would begin to plan out a garden in our backyard. We must be clear about what we want to plant, make sure there is enough space for these things to grow, and reflect on the wisdom we gained from last year’s garden.

To enjoy the full March practice – complete with guided contemplation questions for your next meditative session, the Inner Gardening planning practice as mentioned above, and mantras to keep you motivated all spring season – be sure to pick up your copy of the book (ask your local bookstore to carry the book or find it anywhere books are sold online – links below!).

And if you’re feeling like you want to be very intentional about this next chapter in your life, and ready to take your practice to an even deeper level, join the Soul Circle group coaching + intuitive guidance starting next week, kicking off on the Spring Equinox. It’s book club meets soul guidance coaching meets small community of badass kindred souls who value depth and meaning. There is 1 spot open in our group of six – find all the details about that HERE!


Get the book: Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing

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Happy early spring! May you honor this bud phase in the cycles of life and spend a little extra time nourishing yourself this month!



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