VIRTUAL CLASSES: Yin Yoga & Mindfulness for Deep Peace + Healing

WHY: Yin yoga is the only style of yoga I teach now because it’s exactly what we all need more of – physical ease, mental calm, emotional peace, soulful quiet, and the practice of slowing down.

WHAT: Yin Yoga + Mindfulness Meditation




March-April | Wednesdays | (Mar 18, 25 + Apr 1, 8, 15, 22) | 7-8:15pm

March – The Winter into Spring Transition

April – Spring Cleaning + Detox on All Levels of Being



May-June | Thursdays | (May 14, 21, 28 + Jun 4, 11, 18) | 7-8:15pm

May – Cultivating a Spirit of Abundance

June – Early Summer Self-Care



Practice from home or even better, from the great outdoors in your own backyard!

July-August | Tuesdays

July 14, 21, 28, Aug 4, 11, 18 | 7-8:15pm

July – Finding a Rhythm of Slowness, Quiet + Peace

August – Taming the Fire Element + Connecting to Joy


Virtual Session Via Zoom

September – October | Tuesdays| 7-8:15pm Central

Sept 8, 15, 22, 29 + Oct 6, 20 (No class Oct 13)

September – Yang into Yin: The Summer into Fall Transition

October – Replenishing Energy + Supporting the Immune System



Virtual session via Zoom

November-December | Tuesdays | 7-8:15pm Central

Nov 10, 17, 24 + Dec 1, 8, 22 (No class Dec 15)

November – Letting Go of What No Longer Serves Us

December – Carving out Time for Quiet + Peace (aka Staying Sane During the Holidays)



6-week session $72  OR  $14/class

Zoom link to join class will be emailed each Tuesday afternoon

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After purchasing, you will be redirected to a New Student Info + Waiver Form – please fill this out if you haven’t previously or if you need to update any of your info, thank you!

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Financial Investment in Self-Care & Healing:

VIRTUAL CLASSES: $72 for 6-week session or $14/class

Advance registration required

Did You Know..?

We know that the practice of Yin Yoga quiets our busy minds, provides a sense of peace and ease, and teaches us stress resilience skills…

But how does it benefit the many systems of our physical bodies?

Nervous System – shift out of the chronic fight-or-flight stress state and into the Parasympathetic mode where our bodies can truly relax and tap into our innate ability to heal

Skeletal System therapeutically work with the joints to improve range of motion (reduced range of motion may be due to aging, underuse, surgery, injury, scar tissue), promote limberness and flexibility, and promote graceful aging

Muscular System – enjoy many of the benefits typically associated with massage: release tense and tight muscles, target the fascia, improve stiffness and knots, and ease muscular aches + pain

Digestive System – learn to shift into Rest + Digest Mode for improved digestion throughout the day

Energetic System –  work with the body’s energetic meridian system using a form of acupressure to support organ health and oppose the energetic imbalance that lies at the root of mental/emotional/physical unease

Immune System – target the Lung Meridian this fall to support a strong immune system


Full Description:

“This is the goal when we hold yin poses in stillness: we awaken to the present moment. We touch what is happening in our body, and in our heart and mind. We don’t have to go anywhere: right here, right now – this is life.” -Bernie Clark, Yin Yoga Teacher & Author


Yin Yoga is the practice of “quiet power.” Sharing roots with the practices of Chinese Medicine and Taoism, it offers benefits for us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. It asks us to bring our busy minds, stiff bodies, heavy hearts just as we are, to show up and experience the benefits.


Yin Yoga is a unique style of yoga that works not with our muscles, but with our deeper denser connective tissues – especially beneficial for our joints and our fascia. Because of the cooler nature of our connective tissues, we purposely don’t warm up the body or work up a sweat – Yin Yoga isn’t about working out, it’s about nurturing and supporting the body and creating limber joints and tissues. Physical results include increased joint mobility and release of long-held tension from the body.


Using the support of props, each Yin Yoga pose is held for an extended length of time, allowing every pose to become its own mini meditation. Deep breathing exercises activate our parasympathetic nervous system (our Rest + Digest response) and turn off our chronic fight or flight stress response. Mindfulness Meditation used within each pose trains our brain to find the “still point” – that point of calm at the center of the flurry of thoughts, emotions, and drama that always swirls around us. We practice this skill during our yoga practice so that we also know how to practice this at other times in our lives when chaos and busyness threaten to overwhelm us.


Each class follows a theme inspired by the seasons of nature, using the abundant metaphors present in nature to guide us more skillfully through the energetic changes we experience with each month. Each season also corresponds to different organs and Meridians (energy channels in the body used in practices like acupuncture) and will include poses that stimulate these parts of the body to support our health from the inside out.


Class concludes with a cozy savasana (resting pose) and head massage with calming essential oils. And be sure to come early or stay after to enjoy a cup of tea!




Why I Teach Yin Yoga: My Personal Experience

For me, this is what I practiced for years when the discomfort and pain of Crohn’s disease prevented me from practicing more vigorous styles. By accident it’s what ended up eradicating years of back pain when nothing else was working.

It’s what I practiced in my hospital room to keep my body limber and my spirits high – and what I still practice after too many days of sitting at a desk.

It’s often what I’m doing when I get my best and clearest ideas – especially when I’m too busy or my mind is too full of static to hear anything clearly. It’s what I consciously practice when I’m pushing too hard to find an answer – because the answer usually reveals itself when we get quiet and still enough to hear it.

It’s what makes my body feel better and my spirits brighter every single time I come back to it. Through teaching the practice I’ve seen students both young and old work through physical aches and ailments, able to use their joints and enjoy their bodies in a whole new way.

I’ve had students tell me the practice helped them during a difficult emotional time, or that it changed their whole outlook on life, or became their weekly “therapy.”

Yin yoga is the only style of yoga I teach now because it’s exactly what we all need more of – physical ease, mental calm, emotional peace, soulful quiet, and the practice of slowing down. -Angela Kittock, Yin Yoga + Meditation Teacher



For all In-Person Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Classes:

Moondance Wellness Yoga Studio

Brooklyn Center, MN 55430


(Address will be sent to participants after registering for classes! This is located in a personal residence; just come to the front door and the yoga studio is right next to this entrance!).



Feel free to utilize the driveway or you can park anywhere on the street (we’re in a cul-de-sac).


What to Bring:

You do NOT need to bring a yoga mat or any props – we’ve got everything you’ll need! There is also a bathroom/changing room for your use. There will be tea, but feel free to bring water if you’d like!


Questions? Lost?

Call or Text Angela @ 763-227-2837 or email [email protected]

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