Late Summer-Book Updates-Title Reveal!

Hello Friends and Happy Late Summer!

It’s been a bit quiet on the Moondance front this year, as I’ve been primarily working on the enormous and maddening joyous and inspiring project of self-publishing a book. Yes, it’s true the project has taken much longer than I anticipated, and at times has left me wondering, why did I decide to do this again?!

It’s shown me some remaining threads of perfectionism that are buried deep, and allowed me to work on that aspect of personal growth in a whole new way. It’s allowed me a huge pause from the outward activities of Moondance in order to analyze my tortured relationship to my business, and to finally experience some big shifts around the beliefs that I’ve held onto for so long regarding success, money, self-worth.

And in the quiet spaces between working on the book itself, I’ve had plenty of time to dream up the next iteration of what’s to come in Moondance. I feel very excited about the prospect of some new offerings to come and will soon share more about that.

But first…more on the book! Some new updates are below.

Book Update! 📚

My last note mentioned a hopeful book release in Late Summer and the good news is we’re not too far off from that estimate! Hooray, it’s almost here. Most recently, I’ve sent off the final interior and cover files to the printer and am in the process of approving the digital proof. Once that is approved, I can order my first physical copy to hold in my hands for one final review!

While the book will be coming to fruition during the season of Late Summer – that lesser known 5th season with its roots in Chinese Five Element theory that runs from the last week of August until the Fall Equinox – the official release date and book launch activities will likely be occurring just after that in the fall. I’ll have lots more details and updates coming soon. YAY.

Title Reveal 🥁

But for now, I can finally reveal some fun details about the book itself! So, here is your first exciting new detail about the book in order to tantalize and delight you. Let’s start with some basics like…the title. The title of the new forthcoming book is…drumroll please….Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing: A Seasonal Journey to Embody the Balance, Peace and Joy that is Your Birthright.








This is me back in April holding the first printed version of the book manuscript!

It’s come a long ways from this version, but there is something joyful about being able to hold an abstract idea in your hands as a physical object and be like, hey I made a thing! I totally get artists and makers now. As someone who peddles intangibles like “transformation” and “wellness” and “joy” there is something deeply satisfying about packaging these ideas into a physical object that people can hold and enjoy.

Because who doesn’t love curling up with a good book and a cup of tea and getting lost in possibilities?? Everyone loves books, it’s a fact. It’s not actually a fact, but it seems like it could be one, you know?

Going Forward 🦋

Alright, I think that’s it for now. You’ll probably be hearing from me a bit more often over the next couple months as I can reveal more exciting details about the book and keep you apprised of when and where you can find it!

I hope this summer has been treating you well and I wish you a satisfying experience of Late Summer. I know these last weeks of summertime can come with a lot of mixed feelings – sadness at what’s coming to an end, anticipation of what’s to come next if you’re a die-hard fan of the fall season.

Sometimes by the end of summer we can feel a little strung out from the fiery heat and the full-on yang energy of going and doing and socializing. Sometimes we realize we haven’t done the best job at maintaining balance during this very outward-focused season of the year and start to crave a little downtime or alone time. So, take a moment sometime today to pause, take a few slow deep breaths, and notice how you’re feeling. Then, see if you can do one nice thing for yourself to either indulge or balance that feeling.

If you’re feeling that end-of-summer sadness and anxiety, allow yourself to go outside and soak up the sun, be in the warm breeze, dip your toes into the water or walk barefoot on the grass. Let yourself be fully present in the feeling of summertime. Soak it into every cell of your body. Let the peacefulness and slowness of nature work its magic to bring you back into a state of everything is going to be ok.

Sometimes in order to squeeze the last drops out of summertime, we start to move even faster, do even more, and it all just zips by at a lightning pace. Ironically, it is in slowing down, doing less, and becoming present that we really work the magic of slowing down and capturing time.

Or, if you’re craving that downtime or alone time, give yourself some downtime! It’s ok to take downtime in the summer – really. It’s ok to say no to the next social gathering you’re invited to, it’s ok if you don’t really want to squeeze anything else out of this season because you’ve had your fill. It’s ok to stay inside, it’s ok to do nothing.

Check in with whatever it is that you’re feeling during this change of season, and give yourself exactly what you need today.

Until next time…

Sending love,


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