Book Release Updates & Cover Reveal!

Hello friends and Happy Autumn!
Also…Happy Halloween!

I hope the fall season has been treating you well so far. I’ll jump right into it as this is just a quick note to share the latest book updates with you.

I’m excited to announce that the book is thisclose to being complete and we’re still on track for a fall release! Barring any strange and unforeseen circumstances, I am hoping to release it next month in November!

I’ll keep you updated here about where you’ll be able to purchase it and all those other fun and important details about the book launch.

So, stay tuned here for all of that, hopefully over the next few weeks!

Cover Reveal!
And now…I can finally share the official book cover and description below!!

(You can also find the book description from the back cover at the bottom of this email, as well, so you can read it more easily!)








There is now one physical copy of this book in existence!

A few of you over the last month have had an opportunity to see it in the flesh. This has been an extremely heartwarming experience for me. Being a recovering perfectionist, I’ve typically not shown my work to people until it’s in its most perfect final form. And there were some glaring imperfections that were bothering me about the cover of the book!

But I decided to do something differently this time; I decided to show it, imperfections and all, to a few trusted folks. And regarding those imperfections, these folks…well, they didn’t care at all! Or even notice that anything was amiss.

It really helped me to switch perspectives and see that this book wouldn’t be doing anyone any good holed up in my cave while I endlessly tweaked and perfected it; but it would do a lot of good out in the world where people could actually enjoy it and interact with it.

For any other recovering perfectionists here, you know that the leap from “perfection” to “good enough” is a chasm that shall not be crossed. So, I didn’t.

And I instead asked myself, what if this was perfect? Because perfectionism is often a disease of perception that affects only the individual suffering from it, I had to ponder, what if all these tiny “imperfections” that only I can see don’t actually exist, and what if what I’m holding here is actually perfect?

What would that perspective give me?

Well, it gave me the freedom to move forward, it gave me spaciousness, and it gave me peace. It allowed me to switch into a mode of completion and gratitude – and excitement!

Though I still had a few tweaks and changes to make to the interior content of the book after doing my final proof and read-through, I’m proud of myself for not allowing perfectionism to sabotage the higher purpose of helping people.

It’s funny how much we can get in our own way, and seeing ourselves through other’s eyes can be a powerfully healing experience. Now when I show people the book, I don’t preface it with all the things that are wrong with it; I just soak in their excitement and love and say, thank you.

I can’t wait to be able to share it with you, as well. The people who’ve been able to hold the book in their hands have reported that it feels good – physically that the cover has a pleasing softness to it – and energetically that it just feels good.

I bet it does feel good energetically – right now there is just that one singular book in existence, my one physical copy – and there’s been a lot of love poured into it from every hand that has held it.

May it soon reach your own hands, as well!

Going Forward

Stay tuned here over the next couple weeks for updates on the official launch date and where you’ll be able to order your copy of the book.

Plus, if you’re itching to get back together in-person (or virtually) for some fun book-related happenings with kindred spirits, be sure to get on the waiting list below!

Book Description

(From the back cover of book –
reprinted here for your reading convenience!)

Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing
A Seasonal Journey to Embody the Balance, Peace & Joy that is Your Birthright

If you’re tired of constantly being in the pursuit of happiness, tired of the chase, tired of always needing the next perfect thing – then it’s time to take back your power and learn to embody a sense of peace and ease that you can carry with you no matter what your life throws at you.

For years, Angela Kittock was struggling with severe Crohn’s disease, hopping from one uninspiring job to the next, and forever battling an endless to-do list. Life had become heavy, difficult, and not very fun – an all-too-familiar experience of adulthood, and a far cry from the magic of growing up and doing whatever we want that we envision as children. Until one perfectly mundane day when she had a life-altering realization – that she, too, deserved to feel peace and ease, right here and right now. Soon she discovered that, contrary to what we often believe, feeling better and finding joy aren’t entirely dependent on our external circumstances. And it doesn’t require enormous outer changes to make a huge difference in how we feel about our lives. Sometimes, the changes we need to make are subtler, more internal…with just as extraordinary results.

This book will take you, the reader, on your own yearlong journey of inner transformation, as you reintegrate the soul and spirit back into your experience of life. You’ll be guided to:  

  • rebalance the parts of yourself that honor both doing and being; 
  • realign with the seasonal cycles and discover your own rhythm of ebb and flow; 
  • and reconnect with an oft forgotten voice of wisdom – your intuition.  

Each monthly-themed chapter contains stories and teachings to offer inspiration and a deeper connection with the seasonal energy around us, coupled with playful and unique practices to transform the knowledge learned from the level of the mind into the deeper levels of the body, heart, soul and spirit.

Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing is a journey inward to discover the most important lesson when it comes to finding the balance, peace and joy that is your birthright: that sometimes it’s not about changing your life, sometimes it’s about changing the way you experience your life.

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