Full Moon Meditation + Tea Ceremony (+ Burning Ritual for Releasing/Letting Go!)

The Full Moon marks a time of fullness and abundance; a time to practice and express gratitude for everything that has come to fruition over the previous weeks. It also marks the beginning of a cycle that is especially useful for letting go of everything that no longer serves us.

We’ll begin by creating a sacred space with our Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony where you’ll experience centering, grounding, and deep breathing – allowing your body and mind to unwind and relax. We’ll talk about the teas we are tasting and you’ll learn all sorts of fun facts about the health-supportive benefits of tea!

You’ll then be tucked into cozy blankets for a guided meditation and visualization to continue to help clear your energy and nurture the feelings of gratitude and love.

Following this, you’ll have some time to write down everything you’re choosing to release at this time – thoughts, habits, beliefs, people, places, things. You’ll make a list ….and then you’ll burn it! Weather permitting, we’ll do this outdoors under the light of the moon. Let it all go as you watch it burn to ashes.

Your workshop experience will close with an affirmation statement that you’ll be able to take home with you, hang on your mirror, and remind yourself for the weeks to come of the all the space you’ve created in order to welcome in new positivity and abundance.

Saturday, October 12th | 7-9pm | $30



Class Location:

Moondance Wellness Yoga Studio

1200 Woodbine Lane

Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

(This is a personal residence; come to the front door and the yoga studio is right next to this entrance!).



Feel free to utilize the driveway or you can park anywhere on the street (we’re in a cul-de-sac).


What to Bring:

You do NOT need to bring a yoga mat or any props – we’ve got everything you’ll need! There is also a bathroom/changing room for your use.


Questions? Lost?

Call or Text Angela @ 763-227-2837


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