The book is live! [Links + Ordering Info]

Hello friends and Full Moon tidings to you!

This is just a short message (I swear) to pass along the live links to the book!

For anyone new to this list, I don’t normally send out emails two weeks in a row, but last week I promised to send along the book listing links once they were live, so I’ve got those for you below!

Despite the challenges of working with this particular book printer/distributor, some of which I shared about last week, one of their benefits is having a huge distribution network – meaning you should be able to find the book online at a lot of places. It can, however, take a while for all of the data to show up on sites and is sometimes up to the site whether or not they want to list it.

I’ve been checking some of the sites since sending it out for distribution last week and have found listings at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so I have those for you below!



The book is available for pre-order through December 3, with shipping beginning Dec 4th. That means you can place your order now, and should receive it sometime during the first week of December!

It’s funny that even though I’ve already held a physical copy of the book in my hands, it was seeing the book listed on Amazon that really made it feel “real” to me. Yes, this is the world we live in – feeling like you’ve really made it once you see your name on the sparkly Amazon marquee, ha.

It feels appropriate to pass along this news on a Full Moon, the moon phase associated with culmination and celebration! It’s also the moon phase associated with gratitude. For anyone who’s been excitedly waiting to purchase the book, a huge THANK YOU in advance for your enthusiasm and support. You’re the best.

Going Forward

Amazon’s “Look Inside the Book” feature will be available soon, but I’ll give you the heads up for now that the book is set up in a month-by-month fashion and includes one key practice per month to really help embody the energy of that season.

I think this lends itself well to some Book Club/Group Coaching combos, so I’m foreseeing some offerings around that, based on your input that you’re seeking group offerings as well, and dreaming up some different versions of retreats in varying lengths, where we can really take some of these practices to deeper levels.

If any of this peaks your interest, be sure to check out the info below and sign up for the Waiting List!

Thank you again for all of the kind words of support, encouragement and enthusiasm that you have sent my way along this journey. I am very, very grateful that you are willing to be here on this list letting me tell you about the things I’m excited about and the thoughts in my head. We live in a strange world that doesn’t always make sense, but finding people who get you and understand your particular brand of magic is what makes the crazy ride worth it! Let’s be those people for each other.

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