Zak P.

I took my first Yin/Nidra class, taught by Angela, not knowing what it was or what to expect. I quickly discovered that Angela’s classes and style provided the tools needed to better manage the variety of stresses in life. Angela is very passionate about this style of yoga and her classes are always very well prepared to ensure an authentic and safe approach.

You can expect her to show up to class with a big smile and a genuine desire to share her knowledge. During class she will use a very calming tone to explain an overall theme while sharing inspirational quotes and ideas. This assists you in “Calming the Monkey Mind” and being present as you explore holding poses for an extended time.

This opportunity to “just be” is very appealing and allows for a break from the screens and social media services that are always demanding our attention. Angela’s classes were definitely impactful to me and changed the way I view the world and interact with people. Give Yin/Nidra a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Zak P.Yin Yoga + Mindfulness Meditation Classes
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