Morgan & Joe

Angela worked with my husband and I in a few couples sessions to help us learn more about each other in order to be better communicators and partners not only in our marriage, but also in the businesses we run together. Angela met with us individually to discover our personality types and then met with us a few times together to help us to better understand where each other is coming from and how we can better partner in our strengths and be aware of each other’s struggles.

Joe and I had moments of laughter as Angela pin-pointed our personality quirks and how they manifest themselves in our everyday lives. We also had some very serious moments as we identified struggles that were causing more friction than either my husband or I were fully aware of. Throughout our counseling, Angela was a compassionate, thoughtful, respectful, and very resourceful coach. She gave us many useful tools to help us better understand ourselves and our relationship. We continue to use many of them. These sessions were invaluable!

Morgan & JoePersonality/Psychologial Types & Couples Coaching
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