Solstice Tidings + Year End Updates!

Hello friends and Solstice Tidings to you!

This Thursday, December 21st is the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year, the longest night of the year, and the official transition from fall into winter.

But even though it comes at this darkest time of year, the Winter Solstice is also the herald of light, as following this day we slowly make our return to the brightest day of the year on the Summer Solstice in June.

Some people like to mark the Winter Solstice by honoring the darkness, enjoying quiet, stillness, solitude, turning within and investigating our own deeper, darker, shadowy parts. Some like to celebrate the return to light, by infusing this time of year with merriment, cheer, dancing, laughter, with candles and fires to light the night and lift the spirits.

I think it’s the perfect time for both. A perfect time to honor our own light and dark parts, to celebrate the wholeness of who we are, who we have been, and who we are becoming.

As we start to pay attention to the natural seasonal cycles around us, we find there is wisdom in both aligning with the energy of that season, as well as creating balance through infusing a bit of the opposite energy into our lives as well.

Summer is a wonderful time to turn outward; it is also a wonderful time to practice slowing down to balance out the hectic pace. Winter is a wonderful time for turning inward, reflecting and resting; it is also a wonderful time for infusing our lives with light, warmth, movement, hope and joy to balance out what can easily become lethargy and seasonal depression.

Whatever holidays you celebrate at this time of the year clustered around the Winter Solstice, notice what elements of light, warmth, cheer, and joy are naturally embedded in your rituals and traditions, and let yourself lean into their hope and magic!

But Where’s the Magic?

Here in Minnesota, this particular holiday season is quite different than usual as there’s still no snow on the ground. As much as we like to loathe the long winter season, it’s interesting how snow does help to provide a certain feeling of magic in the air. Granted it’s a lot less magical come March, April, or god-forbid May, but this time of year we do delight in that feeling it brings to this season.

But it’s precisely these times when life isn’t providing externally what we would like to be feeling internally that we are forced to do just that – look inward. And at a time such as this, if we’re not feeling that magical holiday thrill externally for whatever reason, we can pause to ask ourselves, where inside of myself do I feel a connection to magic?

What is magic anyway? Is it that feeling of wonder, awe, delight? An indescribable extra-special sense of something-ness? And where does this feeling come from? Does it come from the magical snow? Or does it come from being able to connect with that place inside ourselves that believes in wonder, awe, joy, delight?

We might call this place inside ourselves our inner child, we might call it our soul or spirit. It is a part of ourselves that is innocent, pure, and hopeful – a part that is so hard to stay connected to as we grow up and enter the “real world” and so easy to forget, unintentionally neglect, or purposely disown.

So this holiday season, if you’re looking around at the barren brown land and wondering when the magic will arrive, I encourage you to use this as an opportunity to look inward and cultivate that connection to wonder, awe, magic, joy and hope that always lives inside us. Even if it’s a place that is very small, very buried, or a bit lost – it is there within you, I assure you.

To make this practice feel like something tangible you can do, I encourage you to order your copy of the book I created this year, Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing: A Seasonal Journey to Embody the Balance, Peace & Joy that is Your Birthright. I think you’ll find this to be a very handy and practical guidebook for connecting with the energy of each season, as each chapter brings the ideas down into one tangible, unique practice for you to play around with each month.

The practice for the month of December is the practice of dancing! Not dancing from any choreographed steps or due to lively intoxication, but dancing that gets you out of your mind while becoming deeply connected to your body, heart, soul and spirit. Try out the December practice and tell me you’re not laughing and feeling a little bit joyful!

Do you remember being a child and just dancing with wild, free, unselfconscious abandon? When was the last time you felt that while dancing? When was the last time you felt that in general..? As you drop down into this space of body, heart, soul and spirit, you might just also find that place within you where the wonder, joy and magic still live – regardless of whatever exterior landscape you find yourself in.

Because as Soul Healing & Spirit Dancing helps us to discover – sometimes it’s not about changing your life; sometimes it’s about changing the way you experience your life.

Wishing you a joyous, free, hopeful holiday season fueled by the inner magic of your own soul and spirit.

Book News + Podcast Updates!

It’s been so much fun seeing photos and messages coming in from those who have already received their books!! Thank you, thank you for your love and support!

A few logistical notes…

1. Book Order Delivery Dates: Those who ordered during the pre-order period from Barnes & Noble or IndieBound/Bookshop seem to be receiving their books in a timely fashion. YAY. Those who ordered during the pre-order period from Amazon still seem to be getting told a delivery date of January 9th. I’m so confused and very sorry about this delay! There are a lot of strange things going on with my listing over at Amazon. The price is currently listed above the list price and now only shipping from third-party sellers. However, people who have been ordering from there more recently DO seem to be receiving their books.

2. I recently found out that Amazon removed their “look inside the book” feature for paperback books just this fall! No one really understands why they got rid of such a useful feature, but I’m sorry that I’ve been promising that it’s coming soon and it’s…not. Therefore, I will be sharing some bits and pieces of the inside of the book in early January for anyone who was hoping to check it out before buying!

3. The podcast/audio version of the newsletter is back! Or at least, I created a wondrous mega-episode reflecting on 2023 and compiling the best bits and pieces from all the newsletters this year. Funny how the same advice that applies to the Summer season also applies to our current holiday season! Go check it out, grap a cup of tea, and get cozy. We start it off with a breathing practice to help you get grounded and relaxed during this merry and hectic time of the year. Listen via the link below or find the podcast Moondance Wellness Coaching with Angela Kittock on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever else you listen to your podcasts.  Episode #58: A Look Behind the Scenes of 2023

4. I’ll be sharing updates about new offerings in early 2024! For now, get on The Waiting List below if you’re feeling the call to deepen your connection to your inner soul self and meet kindred spirits who value a life of depth and meaning.

See you in 2024!

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