Personality Typing for Growth + Relationships

I joined Well Connected Twin Cities founders Lilly and Alex on this recent episode to talk about the kind of personality typing that I specialize in!

We cover how this was such an integral and missing piece to my own healing journey with Crohn’s disease and how personality typing is helping them better navigate their own business partnership.


What we cover in this episode:
  • How personality typing was the missing piece in my healing journey with Crohn’s disease
  • What I always want to know about my clients
  • The key questions to ask to anticipate whether the body will manifest in health or disease
  • What is shamanic energy healing and how does that fit in with coaching
  • Why I don’t use personality tests
  • What it’s like to go through the multi-hour process of personality typing
  • How modern neuroscience is proving personality type theory
  • How personality types are related to the spiritual/soul realm
  • The Car Model of personality typing
  • Personality typing and relationships


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