New Moon: Time for Clarity & Intention

While the Full Moon definitely gets the most attention, the New Moon is actually a very powerful time for setting intentions! Right now in June we are approaching the halfway mark of the year (can you believe it?).

Did you set any New Year’s resolutions this past January? Maybe you’re six months into living the life of your dreams, but it’s also quite possible that life started moving pretty fast and those New Year’s resolutions might have fallen to the wayside.

January isn’t even the most ideal time for setting intentions and starting a new chapter. I mean, that’s the dead of winter, let’s give ourselves a break. There are much more opportune times for turning over a new leaf!

But guess what? That’s ok because right now is one of those opportune times for checking in and getting clear on what we really want.

Within the next three days while the moon is still new (dark), carve out a little sliver of time for yourself – even just 15 minutes is great if that’s all you’ve got! You could go for a walk, sit outside and journal, lay on the floor and meditate, or enjoy a quiet cup of tea! Then follow the steps below.

New Moon Wishing: 6 Steps to More Clarity & Purpose

1. Breathe Deeply: Once you’ve carved out some time for yourself, begin by taking at least ten long, slow, deep breaths to turn on your Parasympathetic Nervous System. This is the calming system of the body and will shift you out of the chronic fight or flight stress state and into a state of calm relaxation.

2. Reflect & Get Clear: If you’ve set any previous resolutions, intentions or goals for yourself, start by reflecting on these. Are they still the most important thing to you? Sometimes we get into autopilot about what we think we really want – lose five pounds, eat healthier, exercise more. Don’t stop at wishing for the same old things; dream until you feel an ember of excitement catch inside of you.

3. Make a List: Remember, there are no restrictions. Yes, you can write down “move to Jamaica and sell kayaks on the beach” if that’s what really makes your heart sing. It doesn’t mean it has to happen NOW, just move through the exercise of getting in touch with the feeling of being fully alive. Try to list at least ten things that you really want – they can range from the mundane to the extraordinary and they don’t have to be “things” at all, you could wish for the feeling of being healthy, happy, or peaceful.

4. Visualize and Feel It: Take a look at your list. Go through each one and and imagine what your life would look like if this were true. Picture yourself on that beach in Jamaica, FEEL the sunshine on your skin, FEEL the feeling of being truly healthy and vibrant, peaceful and happy. It’s important to feel it like it’s already happening, even for only a few brief moments.

5. Identify the First Step: Ok, now look again at that list and pick out one or two items that you think could reasonably happen sooner than later. Or pick out the one that REALLY lights you up inside, even if it’s huge and will take a lot of work. All you have to do is figure out the first step. If the one that REALLY lights you up is moving to Jamaica, then ok, what’s the first thing you could do? Talk to your spouse? Research online? Plan a vacation? Or maybe you chose feeling happy and healthy – ok what’s the first step? Could you find a yoga class to attend? A tea ceremony? Could you set up a phone chat with a wellness coach to discuss this goal (hint hint)?

Circle the items that you chose on your list, and then write down your first step.

6. Let it Go: Yep, this is going to seem counter-intuitive. But this is about having some trust that as long as you do YOUR part in getting really clear about what you want, the universe will do ITS part to help deliver that. But sometimes the universe has a grander or better plan in mind and that’s when we can get a little crazy about things not going according to OUR plan. So, after following the steps above, take a moment to write down, say out loud, or think loud and clear this phrase as recommended by astrologer Yasmin Boland:

This or something better now manifests for me, under grace in perfect ways.

Yasmin goes on to say, “I believe that as long as we make our wishes perfectly clear to the Universe, and as long as we’ve fully and robustly imagined things happening as we would like them to, then whatever does actually happen will be for our highest good…It’s part relinquishing responsibility, and part surrendering. Surrendering means trusting that the best thing will happen.”

We don’t have to wait for January to do this process of taking a self-inventory and setting some goals and intentions. Instead we can do this every single month if we choose.

A new moon symbolizes a new beginning – so take advantage of this time to reinvent yourself and start anew with a clean slate. This time to gather your thoughts and plan for the next chapter. This time to dig deep and uncover your deepest wishes and dreams and to send them out into the Universe taking one step closer to seeing them fulfilled.

Happy New Moon Wishing!

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