Professional Bio

Angela Kittock is a Personal Development and Holistic Wellness Coach and the founder of Moondance Wellness Coaching, LLC. The Moondance concept was born in 2017 following her intensive seven-year journey with Crohn’s disease and a decade long dream to start her own business. Moondance is a private coaching business dedicated to guiding individuals on their own unique journey of personal growth and healing, utilizing aspects of personal development, personality psychology, holistic nutrition, soul work, mindfulness, yin yoga and yoga nidra.

Angela holds a B.A. in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Gustavus Adolphus College, graduating Cum Laude in 2006. Her background includes nearly a decade of teaching yoga and almost two decades of practice. She became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2009 via the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. She went on to an intensive study of Viniyoga with Gary Kraftsow in California over 2009-10. Upon finding her true passion in the style of Yin Yoga, she completed a Level II Yin Yoga teacher training over 2013-14 with her yin mentor in Minneapolis, Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner. In 2016 Angela began exclusively teaching the practices of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, focusing on stress reduction and energy management.

Angela worked for many years in the specialty tea industry in Minneapolis and learned the art of Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony, which she incorporates into her Yoga + Tea workshops and events. Angela also completed an 8-wk Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR), a pivotal experience that continues to influence her teaching and coaching style today. During 2013-16 Angela completed her 700-hour Holistic Nutrition Consultant certification via a distance-learning program with Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in California. Throughout 2018 she completed a 10-month training with Personality Hacker to become a Certified Personality Profiler, focused on identifying and understanding personality characteristics and unique methods of personal development.

Angela’s personal journey through disease and health led her to become passionate about all things that “feed” and nourish us – not only food itself, but the way we manage our stress, connect to our joy, understand our purpose, and appreciate our unique selves. Angela brings a lot of passion and depth to every class she teaches and every client she works with, always focused on helping each individual find the correct tools to experience balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. She has developed a thorough understanding of the complex interplay of factors that contribute to true wellness. Her clients continue to appreciate her in-depth approach, perceptive observations, and ability to provide simple, personalized solutions.

On founding Moondance Wellness Coaching, Angela says: “I believe that joy and wellness can be part of my clients’ everyday existence, and that getting there can be the most fascinating journey. I believe that true and lasting health is so much more than just calories in and calories out; it’s the desire to learn about one’s unique self, it’s the joy that can be found when we begin to live in alignment with our soul’s purpose, it’s the integration of our inner feelings with our outer actions.

Angela lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband and a nutty pit bull named Franklin. She is available for individual coaching as well as group classes and workshops. For more information please visit:

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