Fall Equinox Yin Yoga + Tea Ceremony (In a Salt Cave!)

Saturday, September 22 @ The Whispering Cave 2-4:30pm

The Fall Equinox marks an especially balanced time of the year, equal day and night within a time of equal yin & yang. The hot, fast, light and expansive yang energy of summer gives way to the cooler, quieter more grounded yin energy of autumn.

This Yin Yoga + Tea Ceremony workshop honors this time of balance and transition by encouraging us to pause and reflect on all that we have accomplished during the spring and summer seasons of growth, and to ground ourselves as we prepare to enter the fall and winter seasons for rest and contemplation. In this way we realign ourselves with nature’s sweet cycles and find more gratitude, peace, rejuvenation and wholeness.
Workhop will begin with a sacred Chinese Gongfu Tea ceremony in the Salt Cave. Combine the meditative benefits of tea ceremony with the healing benefits of salt therapy. Followed by a soul-soothing Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra practice in the comfort and space of the Yoga studio.

An experience you don’t want to miss!

Learn more about the benefits of salt therapy here: https://thewhisperingcave.com/classes-programs/about-salt-therapy/

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