Today’s episode launches us on our Year of Understanding Journey!

While January resolutions get all the hype, Spring is actually a better time to decide to make some changes since we can harness the energy of this season that is all about new beginnings and fresh starts.

Let’s learn to get off the teeter-totter of resolutions once and for all, and commit to the life-changing growth of climbing the metaphorical mountain instead.

#2 – My Journey with Crohn’s Disease

I believe there’s a way for each and every one of us to access an infinite healing potential that lies deep within all of us – but our paths to get there are varied and unique. Each path will surely be unpredictable, encourage us to expand our minds, and challenge us to let go of our old beliefs. But there is no one single path, and each of us is a passenger on our own sacred and individual journeys.

This is my journey so far.

#1 – INTRO: Are You Ready?

On today’s audio blog, we examine A New Way to Approach Health.

I believe we spend too much time trying to be versions of ourselves that other people expect us to be. I believe we each have amazing gifts we are deeply, profoundly yearning to share with the world. I believe there are pieces of ourselves that have become so locked down, protected, and lost to the world that there’s absolutely no way we could expect to experience vibrant health.

Unless we change that.

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