Do You Follow YOUR Way or the Right Way?

We can make it far in life on our own, but guides/coaches/mentors open doors for us that we never even knew existed. For me, it was learning that there’s no “right” way in life; there’s only my way – something that my own life coach had to drill into my head! What’s YOUR way?

Have the Courage to Be the Tortoise

At the end of the final road, what do you want to look back and see? Start at the end. Create the vision. Hold that vision. Slow down. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to be on the slow and uncharted path. Don’t be worried that stepping into your destiny is “taking too long.” While the hare always gets ahead, in the end it’s the tortoise that wins the race. 

The Discomfort of Growth (and Why It’s Worth It)

Growing in big ways can be uncomfortable and even exhausting. But we’re reminded that all growth occurs in a container of discomfort – whether we’re at the gym, practicing yin yoga, or navigating the growing pains of personal growth. But it IS worth it, and it DOESN’T have to be a bad time.

Goodbye to the days of standardized instructions, a one-size-fits-all approach to life, and endless anxiety and unhappiness. Hello to honoring our mental wiring, living according to your own personalized instruction manual, and ongoing happiness and satisfaction.

Ditch the Resolutions

Resolution real-talk: the changes we set out to make each January 1st have a notorious reputation for not sticking – why?? I think it’s because we go about it all wrong…our intentions are good, but our process needs updating! Learn to get off the teeter-totter of resolutions and commit to the life-changing growth of climbing the metaphorical mountain instead.

Winter Solstice! The Return of LIGHT

Not only does the Winter Solstice mark the beginning of longer days and shorter nights, it highlights that all important life lesson of finding light in dark. It reminds us that there’s always a speck of sunshine, a flicker of beauty, or some really important growth that occurs even in the things that seem the absolute crappiest, even if it takes us a really long time to see it.

Let’s Get Hygge! (Also, what is hygge?)

Yes, hygge is about warmth, candles and steaming mugs of tea…but it’s also about taking a break, experiencing presence, practicing gratitude and encouraging togetherness. Explore the ways to cultivate both an outer AND an inner coziness!

A Thanksgiving Story

We’ve just moved into our new home and – shit. is. everywhere. This Thanksgiving story reminds us…sometimes it’s the littlest of things that help us find our calm at the center of the chaos.

A Season of Gratitude

Last week my husband and I bought our first house. It’s pretty empty right now while we do all the hard work on the inside. Have you done your OWN inner scrubbing of sorts this fall? Explore the practice of gratitude to fill yourself back up with all the things that nourish and fulfill you!

23,000 Opportunities to Let Go

One of fall’s greatest lessons for us is the idea of letting go. The trees do it every year, and actually so should we! Pair that up with a Full Moon, and you’ve got a double whammy of reasons to start practicing forgiveness, shedding the past, and letting go of everything that no longer serves you – which frees up a whole lotta SPACE for all the goodness that DOES serve and support you.

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